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And this is the moment when the country’s soccer champions, Boogie, spend a distant night after winning the Euro 2020 qualifying round.

Synonymous with Aberdeen idol Andy Considine After a parody music video for his song, Bakara’s « Yes Sir, I Can Boogie » has become a popular song in Scottish football

It has been sung by many, including Sea Ferry and the gang at Open Goal, since Considine stormed the Scotland squad last month at the age of 33.

The Scottish players are now starting the Euro 2020 qualifying ceremony with the famous melody

A video has surfaced online of players signing and dancing to the song after winning a penalty shootout

While Considine didn’t show up in Belgrade tonight, he was at the center of the party jumping up and down with Griffiths, Tierney and Taylor and resting as the Scots ended 22 years of pain and failure The international front

However, not everyone was able to participate, as Aston Villa star John McGinn revealed that he and goal champ Ryan Christie missed the drug-testing ceremony, a record after matches.

Meanwhile, this is the moment when Scottish champion Ryan Christie collapsed into tears after winning a penalty shootout against Serbia to fulfill his country’s dream in the European Championship 2020

The Celtic superstar pushed Steve Clark’s men to a 1-0 lead in the second half and seemed certain to send the Scots to their first major tournament in 22 years.

However, Luka Jovi scored a late goal in the last minute from the Serbian header, sending the match into extra time

Scotland withstood after some major stresses and David Marshall was once again the nation’s penalty shootout champion

“It’s a wonderful night,” said the tearful Christie. “From the start we kind of believed in the last two camps, we gained a lot of faith in each other.”

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