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Rapper advised 50 Cent, his counterpart, Lil Wayne, to contact President Donald Trump and seek help after Wayne obtained a federal weapon shipment.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that U. s. The lawyer for the Southern District of Florida has charged the rapper “A Millie” with a charge of possessing a firearm and ammunition by a convicted felon.. The charge relates to an accident in December 2019, when federal authorities searched an aircraft Wayne was on board. On the same day, 50 Cent tweeted on a screenshot of TMZ’s headline: “ Lil Wayne Feds accuse him of possessing firearm, ammunition.

Of course, 50 Cent didn’t stop there. He also tweeted some advice to Wayne, telling him to try to persuade Trump to pardon him before he leaves office in January.. . The idea is that Trump may be looking for Wayne, as the rapper has publicly endorsed Trump for re-election in the 2020 presidential race.. .

“ After one minute Trump still had 63 days, Wayne called him. Get this [sic] fool on the phone. They’ll try [sic] put you in jail for supporting Trump [sic], ”50 Cent tweeted Tuesday afternoon. He also ended the tweet with a simple self-promotion for the ABC Show For Life, in which the rapper is playing. .

According to TMZ, Wayne could face up to 10 years in federal prison if convicted. He was previously convicted of a felony gun felony charge in New York in 2009, and has served eight months of his one-year prison sentence.. The rapper is currently set to appear in court in December.

Before the election, Wizy tweeted his support for Trump, revealing that the two met in person in a tweet in October. . “You just had an amazing meeting with realdonaldtrumppotus as well as what he has done so far about penal reform, the Platinum plan will give the community real ownership. He listened to what we said today and confirmed that he will do it and can achieve it, ”Wayne wrote.

For his part, 50 Cent has turned on his support for Trump. In October, he tweeted a message encouraging people to vote for Trump, but his ex-girlfriend, comedian Chelsea Handler, said during her October appearance on The Tonight Show that she had spoken to him and convinced him to vote for President-elect Joe Biden.. .

Since the election, 50 Cent has tweeted a number of memes mocking Trump for his loss and saying he’s going to jail. He wrote in a recent tweet: “If they do Trump dirty, he will be imprisoned.”. He also shared a photo with Trump on a bogus Time magazine cover saying, “Time to go. “He also shared a photo modified of Trump to make him look bald and pose for a photo.

A man who will do dirty Trump, will go to jail. Did you ever cut a boss who says stop counting the damn votes. LOL SMH pic. Twitter. com / zScPup7che

If the election continues in this direction, Trump will need the IsaacWrightJr to fight his cause. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Twitter. com / fg4Zqsa1EV

Despite a 50 Cent tweet that appears to mock Lil Wayne for supporting Trump, “Get Rich or Die Trying” appears to be showing respect to fellow rapper. Right after Election Day, 50 Cent shared a tweet from TMZ that stated Lil Wayne’s girlfriend had broken up with him in support of Trump. . In his tweet, 50 Cent wrote that there was likely another person waiting to assassinate Wayne, regardless of his political views.. “Now you can leave, if you go over to go but someone is waiting for the job,” he wrote..

dumped, ???? You can’t empty little Wayne. Now you can leave, if you go over to go but someone is waiting for the job. LOL https: // t. co / TOq1rpMDln

50 Cent contacts did not respond to Newsweek email request for comment at time of publication.

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