W24News – UA – HIV Fears After BUNGLE Blood Test Quarantined

Victoria's botched quarantine program may have inadvertently exposed returning travelers to blood-borne viruses such as HIV

W24News – AU – H&M Launches Long-awaited Australian Company – Ragtrader

This was announced in January 2020

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Global fashion retailer, H&M has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Australian online store at…

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Unprecedented 'mega-tsunami' could be caused by melting Alaskan glacier, scientists have warned Concerned experts say the…

W24News – UA – Researchers warn of unprecedented mega tsunami in case of ice melt in Alaska

Scientists fear an unprecedented mega tsunami could occur if Alaska's ice melt occurs

W24News – AU – Chiefs-Bills face off Monday at Fox NFL

Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen take center stage amid AFC division chiefs clash

W24News – AU – NASA Launches 4G Mobile Network on the Moon

NASA has chosen Nokia to build the very first 4G mobile network on the moon, the…

W24News – AU – Australian Fisherman Accidentally Rolls Into Huge Crocodile – Video

The incident happened while traveling with friends on October 12, the fisherman told Daily Mail Australia

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It seems thousands of Australians mispronounced the 'Passiona' soda after a father unearthed an old ad…

W24News – AU – Warrior couple Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Tohu Harris honored at Dally M Awards

The grueling season of the Warriors was also recognized by the NRL community