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News – GB – Nick Knowles: “ The response to my music hit me I haven’t played the guitar for a year


It’s hard to imagine a British TV without Nick Knowles for 37 years, overseeing countless home renovations on DIY SOS, presented several National Lottery game shows as well as BBC One’s Who Dares Wins, and featured on Me Who Celebrities Get Me Out of Here !, Hollyoaks and alongside Prince Harry in a documentary series on Invictus Games he told me over the phone on a bleak afternoon in late October: “People have always told me I can’t do certain things, I’ve learned it’s always worth trying, Because a lot of times you’ll find that you can actually “

Over the course of our 45-minute conversation, it became clear that Knowles was applying this enthusiastic attitude to every part of his life. He’s keen to talk about his ambition to write another movie (yes, another movie, his first movie – The Golden Years – Released in 2016) and about his passion for archeology, which he was able to indulge in during the first UK lockdown “I am fortunate enough to live near the Romanian city of Cirencester, and have been working with some local professors on a theory I have I think that will turn out to be exciting, “he says

Perhaps his most famous exploit outside of television was his adventure in music, his first and only album, Every Kind Of People – a guitar-based group of covers with a hoarse voice – was not well received by critics nor the audience. Knowles’ reaction hit stronger than expected, and even caused In keeping him off his guitar – a hobby he cherished most of his life – for a whole year, “I always played guitar with my wonderful musician brother, and he was always something very special. He was the one who convinced me to say yes to the recording,” he explains, “I’ve always been really, really brown. When it comes to criticism – you have to work in TV – but the response to music affected me. I really took it seriously. The pleasure of playing music left me for a while.

He says anyone who is anxious about the second album can “rest easy,” but he also won’t completely rule it out explaining that his “never say” view of life came over time, and although he did take a few hit along the way – divorce, Driving Ban – He is ultimately a better person and kinder because of them and explains, “If you have a decent moral compass you can do some very cool things I am so proud of the positive television that I do that makes a difference in people’s lives”

In this case, it’s no surprise that Knowles has topped the DIY SOS home renovation program – rebranded in 2010 as DIY SOS: The Big Build – for the past 21 years he says with a laugh: Labeling the show poorly from the start, “acknowledging his freedom of aversion to” DIY crafts, “” It was born from the era when everyone was encouraged to do DIY projects even if they didn’t have the skills, the idea is that we came and fix it for them – there’s nothing “do it Yourself “about it” There’s nothing to do on your own about what the series has also turned into: a show about communities coming together that sees local builders volunteer to completely renovate a home for a worthy family

The series returns tonight with a special show for children in need, as Knowles and the team travel to Caswell Bay in Swansea to transform a rickety and unused bus shelter into the world’s first purpose-built surf center for a local charity Surfability, Knowles says. Extraordinary, and assured me that all measures of social distancing have been adhered to. “It has become more difficult to do our jobs than it has ever been – but it has never been more important.”

Despite presenting 11 series of The Big Build by DIY SOS, Knowles is always surprised by the kindness of strangers and how willing people are to help their neighbors. ”Builders are often represented in shows like Cowboy Builders and Rogue Traders – it gets less than One percent of the industry gets ninety percent of the coverage. Builders and investment in construction is what gets the country up and running again after a recession. I feel good about showing what the industry can do in a positive light. “

To put the volume of volunteer work at home on DIY SOS: The Big Build, Knowles explains that the average budget for a build, build and entire home is just £ 20,000 Moreover, the BBC series means that the companies donating With furnishings and materials, it cannot even advertise its merchandise, Knowles says, “The UK is represented as having a dog-eating culture where everyone goes out to get each other”, but we are one of the most generous countries in the world who have had programs around tough elections and tough news times. And the comments are always a reminder of who we are as a nation as a good community of people ”

One of the most memorable projects that The Big Build was a part of was the creation of a veteran village in Manchester in 2017 along with Princes William and Harry, DIY SOS and an army of volunteers transformed an entire ramshackle street into a row of houses into Former soldiers who may have faced homelessness (at the time the British Legion estimated that there were at least 6,000 homeless veterans in the UK) “If you had a medical documentary on PTSD, you would likely get a million viewers we had nine Millions of people watch our show, which was filled with stories of PTSD soldiers, “Knowles says,” We can gently educate people about serious and important issues without overwhelming the throat with information “

Another notable building in recent years is the community center that was built for those affected by the Grenfell disaster of 2017. “We went there within days of the fire without cameras, just to see how we could help. People in the area got to know us and started to ask if we were going to build.” Something, “Knowles explains about the origins of the idea. The production team was wary of creating a TV show in a symbolic way, so they spent months planning the project with community leaders. We had to make sure we were building something useful. We ended up with a center with dedicated advice rooms, a large kitchen. Where people can cook together and a boxing club to give the little ones a chance to get off the street and focus on something positive ”

When I suggest that DIY SOS steps in where local councils or government should take responsibility, Knowles refuses to agree, “It’s really important for us to stay out of politics that way we can go ahead and do what we can to help people deal with their situation I always look like this: If you were crossing a river and you saw a man drowning, would you have a discussion about throwing the life belt mission? Or are you just advancing and saving the man’s life? You can always have the discussion after the problem is solved ”

Knowles isn’t often seen as a very serious guy, mostly because of the fun and positive spirit he has on TV and via his social media but once he’s gone, he reveals himself to be strong, intelligent, kind, and strongly honest. “While performing my work, I learned from people who have faced silly challenges and found a way to survive” “I have been fortunate enough to experience the resilience of humanity”

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News – GB – Nick Knowles: “The response to my music affected me I have not played guitar for a year

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News – GB – Scotland qualify for Euro 2020 – and book the match against England in Group D



Scotland secures Euro 2020 qualifiers by defeating the play-offs in Serbia; Scotland faces England in Group D The Scots will play twice at Hampden Park at home and once at Wembley in their first major tournament appearance since 1998

It’s been 22 years of preparation but Scotland finally did – and the showdown with England awaits in the upcoming European Summer Championships

Coach Steve Clark’s team concluded its first major appearance in the tournament since 1998 after a dramatic penalty shootout victory over Serbia after Luka Jovi painfully imposed extra time with a draw in the 90th minute.

The Scotland Prize for defying betting odds and ultimately winning in Belgrade was a place in Group D alongside England, Croatia and the Czech Republic, and the mouth-watering Euro 2020 schedule that will see all three group stage matches British Isles

It all starts on 14 June at Scottish Football Stadium – Hampden Park – as Scotland host Croatia in the first round, before they make a trip to Wembley Stadium to face Auld Enemy, England, on June 18

Then, the Scots return to Hampden on June 22 to face Croatia, where they could compete for a place in the knockout stages of a major tournament for the first time.

The England vs. Scotland match is the oldest international match in football, as a goalless draw was held for the first time in Hamilton Crescent, Partek in November 1872 in front of 4000 spectators

The two teams have met on 114 occasions, England having won 48 times and Scotland 41 times

The two teams last met in qualifying for the 2018 World Cup, as England lost its 3-0 victory over Wembley in November 2016 under then-caretaker Gareth Southgate, before meeting 2-2 in June 2017 due to Harry Kane’s injury – save the time equalizer. Dramatic equalization

Before that, England had won when the two sides met at Celtic Park in November 2014, with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain opening the scoring and Wayne Rooney winning in the second half 3-1

Scotland recently won a competitive match against England in November 1999 – a playoff match at Euro 2000 called the “Battle of Britain” in which they were victorious 1-0 – but England qualified for the tournament on aggregate after winning 2-0 in the first leg before Four days

A few years ago, Paul Gascoigne scored an unforgettable goal against Scotland at Euro 96 after David Seaman saved a Gary McAllister penalty kick to secure a 2–0 win

The all-time top scorer in clashes is Steve Bloomer – who played for England between 1895-1907 – with eight goals Among the household names in the top twenty are Geoff Hearst (four), Jimmy Graves (four), Dennis Law (three) and Steve Koppel (three).

The most-scored match between the two teams also saw the biggest win difference, when England won 9-3 at Wembley in the British Championship on 15 April 1961

Each Euro 2020 host city will host one match in the round of 16 or the quarter-finals, before London takes the lead in the semi-finals and the final. No third-place match. The knockout rounds will start from June 26 to July 11

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News – GB – Scotland qualifies for Euro 2020 – and book Facing England in Group D
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News – US – Colts vs Titans Betting Guide and Predictions: Football’s best bets on Thursday night


If you want to bet a Colts match in Titans and need to do some last-minute research, you’re in luck! We’ve put together this easy betting guide, which includes spread, money line and overbought, plus the information you’ll need to make your smartest bet

The match kicks off at 8:20 p.m. ET and can be seen on FOX and the NFL Network Nashville weather forecast calls tonight for a starting temperature of 52 degrees, clear skies and winds below 5 mpg so the weather isn’t a factor

The Giants (6-2) were one of the last teams not defeated by the NFL before a match against the Steelers, but lost consecutive matches, including an amazing match against Team Bengals last week. The Titans beat the Bears, 24- 17

The Colts (5-3) are out of a 10-24 loss, which greatly affected their chances in the playoffs, and will lose two matches behind Titans in South Asia on Thursday with a loss.

He opened this streak with the Titans as candidates, but it slipped into the Titans for points at home. This is going to be a close and difficult split game with so much at stake for both teams, and I feel more confident about the bet this week than the point difference or the total. However, I tend to take a point home with the Titans 1

The crowd is way too heavy here, but the Colts have a defense that will upset Ryan Tannhill, and on the flip side there is no better team in the NFL at taking the ball away than the Titans I would avoid betting on over / under, unless you’re looking for Sweat

The Colts’ team is good in the first half.They scored the majority of their first-half points in five of eight matches, and outperformed their first-half opponents in six of eight matches (including last week’s loss to the Ravens) in the meantime, Titans scored the majority Their points in the first half twice throughout the season, with two additional games that were evenly divided between the first and second half.

Rivers was elected in five of eight matches and a total of seven games throughout the year, while the Titans are fifth in the league with nine interceptions.

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Nick Schwartz is an editor and columnist for For The Win, the world leader in Bachelor of Energy rankings

Tiger Woods approaches the top of the leaderboard after the opening ghost-free tour of The Masters

“To be honest, there was definitely some tension around the event, Florence said,“ I definitely felt it ”

These are challenging times for students all over the world, but it’s very likely that only one student will climb up a 26-foot tree ()

College football – as much as people love it and live for it – is not worth the risk during the COVID-19 pandemic

Bryson Deshambeau was lucky to escape the thirteenth hole with a double ghost after a disastrous series of shots

Betting Evidence for Thursday Night’s Football Game in Week 10 Between Colts and Titans

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News – US – Colts vs. Titans Betting Evidence and Predictions: Best Football bets on Thursday night

Source: https://ftw.usatoday.com/2020/11/colts-vs-titans-betting-picks-predictions-thursday-night-football-props

US News – Shank returns to Hogan administration after a year-long absence – Maryland matters


Government Lawrence J. Hogan Jr (right) returns the old government’s hand to his administration and promotes someone who has worked for him since the day he took office

Hogan announced Thursday that he has appointed Christopher P Shank as Director of External Affairs and Interagency Initiatives, and that his press secretary, Sharizi Churchill, will become deputy director of interagency communications

Shank, who represented Washington County in the state assembly and the Senate from 1999 to 2015, joined the Hogan administration in its inception as the Executive Director of the Governor’s Office of Crime Prevention and Prevention.In 2016, he became the Deputy Chief of Staff overseeing the Health, Human Services and Education portfolio, and chaired In 2016, the Justice Reinvestment Coordination Board appointed Governor Hogan Shank as its legislature, a position he held before leaving administration to undertake lobbying and business development in Maryland for SAS, a data and software analysis firm, a few months after the 2019 legislative session

Hogan said that in his new capacity Shank would manage relationships with external stakeholders to enhance engagement with management initiatives, define strategic partnerships and oversee a range of multi-agency efforts

“His experience solving problems and advancing innovative policy initiatives will be vital in our efforts to meet the challenges we face and continue to transform Maryland for the better,” the governor said in a statement.

Churchill will retain her duties as press secretary while expanding her portfolio to include managing and coordinating the internal and external communications of the agencies that make up the state government

“Shareese has been an important and trusted member of our team since the first day in office,” Governor Hogan said, “She is greatly appreciated by her colleagues and members of the media alike, and we are excited to work closely with our agencies in their efforts. To keep residents of Maryland informed.

In addition to working in the private sector prior to Hogan taking office, Churchill was married to Secretary of State Public Services Ellington E. Churchill Jr. – the government press secretary at the time was Robert L. Erlich Jr. (p)

Larry Hogan, Maryland, Christopher B. Shank

News – US – Shank returns to Hogan administration after a one-year absence – Maryland Matters
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World news –JP –The theme song SP trailer of “The Legend of Hei” including unreleased video released | cinemacafenet


Mamoru Miyano

World news – JP – 未公開映像を含む『羅小黒戦記』主題歌SPトレーラー公開 | cinemacafenet

Source: https://www.cinemacafe.net/article/2020/11/12/69924.html

News – USA – South America: Bolivia vs Ecuador Free Live Streaming – The Times Hub


Bolivia The Bolivian national team has traditionally been considered one of the most, and perhaps even the weakest, in South American qualifiers. In fact, in the first rounds of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers, the Bolivians were not surprised and lost to the Brazilians and Argentines in total by a 1-7 goal difference In this fight, Bolivia’s opponent is not formidable, but for Bolivian footballers, there is no simple opponent in such qualifiers the national team is now going through a major crisis, because in 15 previous matches of varying importance, only Bolivians managed to beat Jati in a friendly match 3 -1, that’s it The previous victory for this national team in official matches was already in September 2017, when the national teams were selected for the World Forum 2018 so everything is very blurry in Bolivian football now.

Last results 10/13 Bolivia – Argentina 1: 2 (1: 1) 10/10 Brazil – Bolivia 5: 0 (2: 0) 07/04 Colombia – Bolivia 2: 0 (0: 0) 06/30 Bolivia-Argentina 1: 5 (0: 2) 06/26 Bolivia-Uruguay 1: 5 (0: 4)

Ecuador may pretend to jump to the final part of the World Forum, because the national team already has this practice The current qualifying team started well and not badly after losing 0-1 to Argentina in the first round, in the second round, Ecuador made a big noise by beating Uruguay’s opponent 4-2 (the duels took place in October), and after this win, that will be so It’s absurd to lose to a Bolivian Now Ecuador has a good chance to score three more points, and seriously gain a foothold in the excursion area to the World Forum. Ecuador has not many stars in its composition, like Colombians and Argentines or the same Uruguayans, but with collective actions they can achieve good results

Latest results 10/14 Ecuador-Uruguay 4: 2 (2: 0) 09/10 Argentina-Ecuador 1: 0 (1: 0) 07/01 Ecuador-Brazil 2: 3 (1: 1) 06/27 Ecuador-Peru 1: 2 (1: 0) 06/22 Venezuela-Ecuador 2: 0 (1: 0)

Betting expectations give preference to the guests in this fight, well, it makes perfect sense. Ecuador is a much stronger and relentless team, but the Ecuadorians lack stability so it is risky to bet on their outright victory, but with a handicap (0) the bet looks reliable Too

Personal meetings 9/11 Ecuador – Bolivia 3: 0 (0: 0) 11/10 Bolivia – Ecuador 2: 2 (2: 0) 10/14 Ecuador – Bolivia 2: 0 (0: 0) 09/07 Bolivia-Ecuador 0: 4 (0: 2)

Ecuador National Football Team, Bolivia, La Paz, FIFA World Cup Qualifiers, Ecuador, South America, South America, Argentina National Football Team

News – United States – South America: Bolivia vs Ecuador Live Free – The Times Hub

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News – FR – Maeva Ghennam victim of a violent assault in front of her home in Marseille – Here is



Well done ! You added your first star to my Here

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at 18:47
| by La Rédaction | Photo credits: Instagram Maeva Ghennam

For several hours, persistent rumors have been circulating that the sexy influencer Maeva Ghennam has been the victim of an assault in Marseille Facts now confirmed, this November 12 by the regional daily La Provence

Maeva Ghennam

Until recently, the nearly 3 million followers of Maeva Ghennam could, with a sigh of envy, devour the images of the Dolce Vita de la Marseillaise Swimming pools, trips to heavenly destinations, jewelry and other luxury products, everything was there to make its subscribers dream The young woman – who has just launched her cosmetics brand Maeva Ghennam Beauty – seemed to see no obstacle standing in her way But for two days no more news A rarity in the world of influencers where every moment of life, even the most trivial, is subject to a post or a story Something to worry the faithful among the faithful who, we learn, had a hollow nose For a few hours worrying rumors were circulating on the Web According to the Lesmarseillaisvsrdm5_ account and the blogger Aqababe, Maeva Ghennam was assaulted in the street “She would have taken a brush from her attackers All this in front of his vehicle ”, Aqababe indicated.

This evening it is the regional daily La Provence which says more, thus confirming the information that had previously leaked It seems that it was when she was leaving her home, in the 11th arrondissement of Marseille, and getting ready to leave by car, that the 23-year-old young woman, revealed by The Marseillais was brutally stripped of her cell phone and the watch – a Rolex – that she wore on her wrist

According to La Provence, which would have had information from police sources, the 23-year-old was the victim of a “particularly violent” assault, an investigation is also currently underway in the South Division As a reminder, Maeva had already been the victim of a double burglary attempt on May 18, as a result of which she had launched a rant on the networks: “If you think that you are going to finish me or scare me, you dream I’m going to my mother’s house just to calm downStarting tomorrow, the alarm will be fixed and I will relive my best life! “She rebelled With this aggression, things now take a darker turn…

Maeva Ghennam

November 2, 2020
at 15:42

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz: who is the Youtuber at war with Maeva Ghennam?

October 27, 2020
at 19:06

PHOTO Maeva Ghennam sexy in a bikini on Instagram: a detail makes internet users tick

October 4, 2020
at 2:17 p.m.

Maeva Ghennam naked in her bath: her latest shot causes controversy among her subscribers

September 29, 2020
at 18:34

PHOTO Maeva Ghennam on vacation in Dubai: her latest blunder scandalizes her fans

September 27, 2020
at 5:52 p.m.

Nabilla scandalizes Internet users after an evening with Maeva Ghennam, the star defends herself on Twitter

September 26, 2020
at 00:52

PHOTO Maeva Ghennam: her fans criticize her for being too naked, she takes a radical decision

The 05/19/2020
at 19:06

Maeva Ghennam victim of burglars, she runs away from her home

The 07/25/2014
at 11:52 a.m.

Nabilla and Thomas victims of a violent attack in Marseille

The 08/27/2019
at 6:35 p.m.

PHOTO Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais): victim of a cleavage accident, she shows too much

at 09:55

Georges Beller victim of a violent attack

The 01/15/2020
at 9:20 p.m.

Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais): mad with rage, she lets go on Snapchat!

at 00:31

Maeva Ghennam: the starlet of the Marseillais severely mocked on Instagram

The 04/13/2020
at 4:35 p.m.

Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) exhausted by confinement, she attacks her cousin

The 09/12/2013
at 7:02 p.m.

Shy’m victim of a violent assault on the avenue des Champs-Elysées

The 03/27/2014
at 11:09 am

Zac Efron victim of violent assault in Los Angeles

The 05/09/2017
at 23:07

Jean-Vincent Placé victim of violent assault in Paris

The 02/17/2020
at 6:26 p.m.

PHOTO Maeva Ghennam celebrates the arrival of the ninth season of the Marseillais in a bikini

The 04/30/2020
at 4:27 p.m.

PHOTO Maeva Ghennam in a bikini, the star of the Marseillais reveals a generous cleavage

The 05/28/2020
at 12:17

Maeva Ghennam: Marseille star experienced horror night with his family

The 03/01/2020
at 13:50

The Marseillais: Maeva Ghennam and Paga cause a riot in a shopping center in Béziers

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Thomas Dutronc announces sad news on Twitter

Jean Castex in the 20H of TF1: this gesture of the Prime Minister which made viewers hallucinate

“There is something wrong”: Jean-Pierre Pernaut films a shocking scene in full confinement

VIDEO C to you: Roselyne Bachelot presents herself with a mask, a detail calls out to Internet users

Lola Marois: the companion of Jean-Marie Bigard announces bad news on Instagram

VIDEO Emmanuel Macron: this detail of the interview that made Internet users laugh

Anne-Claire Coudray: thinking her microphone off, the journalist launches a very surprising sentence

PHOTO Valérie Damidot thinned: she reveals her weight loss and her new figure in shorts

Jane Birkin: the singer announces sad news in full confinement

Laurent Delahousse: a blunder on the news at 8 pm scandalizes viewers

Maeva Ghennam

News – FR – Maeva Ghennam victim of a violent attack in front of her home in Marseille – Here is

Source: https://www.voici.fr/news-people/actu-people/maeva-ghennam-victime-dune-violente-agression-devant-son-domicile-a-marseille-691369

News – FR – Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) victim of an assault in front of her home


PHOTOS This Wednesday, November 11, Maeva Ghennam was the victim of an assault in front of her home in Marseille The reality TV contestant had her cell phone and luxury watch stolen

If many reality TV candidates have gone to live in Dubai, it is clearly to have peace Tired of being stalked, sometimes threatened or worse sometimes attacked, many of them have made the decision to live in the United Arab Emirates for more peace of mind While she was the victim of an attempted burglary last May, Maeva Ghennam was the victim of an assault in front of her home in Marseille The information was relayed by blogger Aqababe, on his Instagram account.

The facts took place this Wednesday, November 11, in front of the Marseille home of Maeva “Maeva got robbed in Marseille She had her phone stolen She would have taken a brush from her attackers All this in front of his vehicle Apparently they also took his Rolex She was in shock, “Aqababe said. On his own Instagram, the account lesmarseillaisvsrdm5_ also spoke of the aggression of the young woman, without giving more details.

In the aftermath of the events, Maeva’s assault was confirmed by the regional newspaper La Provence, this Thursday, November 12 “The star of reality TV Maeva Ghennam who has not posted any story on social networks for nearly 24 hours, was the victim of a violent assault As she left her home, in the 11th arrondissement, and was about to leave by car, the 23-year-old young woman, revealed in season 5 of the show Les Marseillais vs Le Reste du Monde was brutally stripped of her cell phone and the Rolex she wore on her wrist “, we learn According to a police source, the aggression of the young woman was “particularly violent” An investigation is underway On her Instagram account, Magali Berdah addressed a tender word to the Marseillaise: “I love you my Maeva your heart my heart”

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Maeva Ghennam

News – FR – Maeva Ghennam (Les Marseillais) victim of an assault in front of her home

Source: https://www.telestar.fr/tele-realite/les-marseillais/maeva-ghennam-les-marseillais-victime-d-une-agression-devant-son-domicile-552489

World news – IN – WATCH: Ajay Devgn’s Daughter Nysa Devgn Flaunts Her Dance Moves As She Twerks With Her Friendsen


Who Is Asif Basra? Bollywood Actor Who Died By Suicide In Dharamshala: Check His Major Performances

Saif Ali Khan Calls Acting ‘A High-Risk Profession’: Says It’s Almost Like Working At A Hospital

Asif Basra Dies By Suicide: Emraan Hashmi, Manoj Bajpayee, Hansal Mehta And Other Celebs Mourn The Loss

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Fire Breaks Out At Shop In 3-Storey Building In Delhi’s Gandhi Nagar; 20 Fire Tenders Rushed To Spot

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Nysa Devgan, Ajay Devgan, Kajol, Bollywood

World news – IN – WATCH: Ajay Devgn’s Daughter Nysa Devgn Flaunts Her Dance Moves As She Twerks With Her Friends
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Ajay Devgn's daughter Nysa's latest dance video with her BFFs proves she is a star in making!
Ajay Devgn's daughter, Nysa Devgn's fun twerking video, with her BFFs goes viral
Ajay Devgn's daughter Nysa Devgan's fun dance video with BFFs goes viral – Watch
Watch: Nysa Devgn dances on 'Twerk 4 Me' with friends; video inside
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Ajay Devgn's Daughter Nysa Devgn Takes A Cue From Miley Cyrus; Does Some Serious TWERKING With Her Girls
Star kid Nysa Devgn was seen grooving with her girlfriends in a recent video on Insta, READ

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News – EN – The Belgian Cats rule out Portugal and continue their clear round on the road to Euro 2021


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Our national women’s basketball team beat Portugal (49-59) to secure a third win in as many matches in Group G of Euro 2021 qualifiers
Faced with rather weak opposition, the absence of Emma Meesseman was not a problem The Cats started strong (2-9) before slacking off a little too quickly After a few confused minutes and a lot of inaccuracies, the executives got the team back on track Kim Mestdagh and Julie Allemand accelerated at the start of the second quarter and knocked out the Portuguese In ten minutes the scorer went from 10-16 to 17-33
The station wagon was done It was “enough” to manage the second period Philip Mestdagh’s daughters controlled to keep their unbeaten card in this Group G
Kim Mestdagh finished top scorer with 17 points, Julie Allemand had 8 assists and Billie Massey caught 7 rebounds on the Cats side

After the match against Ukraine (Saturday), the last two group meetings are scheduled for February 4 and 6, 2021 against Finland and Portugal The winner of each of the nine groups as well as the five best runners-up are qualified

The Euro 2021 women’s basketball is organized in France (Strasbourg) and Spain (Valence) from June 17 to 27 Valencia will host the final phase The top six of this European Championship will qualify for a 2022 World Cup qualifying tournament (with 12 countries) in Australia

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News – EN – The Belgian Cats rule out Portugal and continue their game -fault on the road to Euro 2021

Source: https://www.rtbf.be/sport/basket/detail_les-belgian-cats-ecartent-le-portugal-et-poursuivent-leur-sans-faute-sur-la-route-de-l-euro-2021?id=10630811

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