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News – Ligue 2 (17th day) – Official multiplex lineups – MaLigue2

News - Ligue 2 (17th day) - Official multiplex lineups - MaLigue2

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ACA: Leroy – Kalulu, Gonzalez, Avinel, Diallo – Marchetti, Barreto, Laci – Cimignani, Bayala, Courtet

VAFC: Chevalier – Debuchy, Ntim, Cuffaut, Lecoeuche – Masson, Doukouré, Diliberto – Yatabaré, Hamache, Guillaume

PFC: Demarconnay – Bernauer, Camara, Kanté, Hanin – Name, Siby, Diakité – Guilavogui, Gory, Caddy

SCB: Vincensini – Palun, Le Cardinal, Bocagnano, Guidi, Quemper – Roncaglia, Salles-Lamonge, Vincent – Saadi, Santelli

RAF: Mpasi – Malanda, Célestine, Bardy – Buadès, Leborgne, Boissier, Danger, Ouammou – Dembélé, Bonnet

NO: Bratveit – Burner, Ueda, Guessoum, Philibert – Cubas, Fomba – Eliasson, Benrahou, Ponceau – Omarsson

GF38: Maubleu – Néry, Monfray, Nestor – Gaspar, Belmonte, Bambock, Gersbach – Kokhreidze, Diallo, Anani

HAC: Fofana – Baldé, Mayembo, Gibaud, Sanganté, Boura – Cornette, Richardson, Lekhal, Alioui – Bonnet

EAG: Basilio – Sivis, Sampaio, Lemonnier, Ndenbe – Ba, Muyumba – Barthelmé, M’Changama, Livolant – Pierrot

DFCO: Reynet – Ngouyamsa, Traoré, Congré, Rocchia – Pi, Younoussa, Jacob, Benzia – Dobre, Scheidler

QRM: Lemaître – Lambèse, Padovani, Cissokho, Belkorchia – Diaby, Sangaré, Sidibé – Jozefzoon, Gbelle, Nazon

ASNL: Trott – Basila, El Kaoutari, Bianda – Delos, Haag, Akichi, Dewaele, Ciss – Thiam, Simoes.

FCSM: Prévot – Henry, Aaneba, Pogba, Ndour – Thioune, Ndiaye – Mauricio, Weissbeck, Do Couto – Kalulu

PFC: Olliero – Koffi, Kouassi, Batisse, Boto – Daubin, Nisic, Lobry – Armand, Gomis, Naidji

ASC: Gurtner – Mendy, Pavlovic, Fofana – Gene, Benet, Gnahoré, Sy – Lusamba, Badji, Tolu

USLD: Maraval – Thiam, Ba, Gomis, Kouagba – Pierre, Kikonda, Brahimi – Tchokounté, Rocheteau, Majouga

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News – A conquering Amiens SC wins against Dunkirk

News - A conquering Amiens SC wins against Dunkirk

Thanks to a brace from Aliou Badji and an achievement from Chadrac Akolo, Amiens SC overcame their neighbor from Dunkirk (3-0). A deserved victory in a match where the Amiens were the most conquerors from start to finish.

The Amiens take the game on their own from the kick-off. Tolu Arokodare tested Maraval from the start with a low shot, but the Dunkirk goalkeeper made the save quite easily (2 ′). A few minutes later, the Nigerian will get a big opportunity on a corner. Well shot by Benet, the corner kick ricochets off a player from Dunkirk and lands on Tolu’s foot, alone against Maraval. It will take a full intervention of authority from the goalkeeper of the Maritimes to preserve the clean sheet (6 ′). The domination is Amiens, even if few large offensive incursions are to be identified thereafter. There is a lot of technical waste on both sides, with the rain not really helping to put the ball down.

On an Amiens counter, Benet finds Lusamba who intelligently shifts Gene to the right. The Amiens piston hits and centers on Aliou Badji who cuts perfectly and opens the scoring for Amiens SC (1-0, 27 ′). The Dunkirk reaction was not long in coming, and Bilal Brahimi tried his luck from far from the left, but Gurtner folded perfectly (29 ′). Both teams are playful and project themselves fairly easily in front, making the meeting pleasant to follow. Tolu is still well served to him by Lusamba in the depths. The Amiens striker controls and shoots, but sees Alioune Ba come back perfectly to deflect for a corner (34 ′). At the end of the period, Kévin Rocheteau will thrill the Unicorn with a powerful right roll, but Régis Gurtner achieves a sumptuous horizontal to deflect the ball (43 ′). The break was whistled by Mr. Lepaysant, Amiens SC led a goal to zero quite logically, against Dunkirk struggling defensively.

The Maritimes are more intense at the start of the second half, but it is nevertheless the Amiens who will give themselves a very big opportunity as soon as they return from the locker room. Harouna Sy pierces on the left and crosses at the far post on Owen Gene who takes over in first intention. Axel Maraval stops but pushes back on the Amiens piston which hits the crossbar on his second attempt (50 ′). After a quarter of an hour of hollow, Gene crosses strong for Tolu in the box which resumes, but a defender from Dunkirk intervenes to send the ball for a corner (65 ′).

As the pace slowly slows down, it takes a feat from Gurtner to preserve the short Amiens advantage. Trichard centers on Rocheteau who sends a helmet shot towards the goal, the Amiens goalkeeper is perfect on his line to send the ball to a corner (74 ′). In the next minute, Lusamba serves Tolu again in the depth which will challenge Maraval, but the goalkeeper, all dressed in orange, comes out perfectly to narrow the field of action of the Nigerian (75 ′). On a very high recovery from the Amiens, Aliou Badji serves Chadrac Akolo, just entered the game. The Congolese feigns, gets back on his left foot and sends the ball into the right window of Maraval (2-0, 81 ′). Striker then decisive passer, Aliou Badji could even have brought a third goal in this match, but Maraval won his face to face a few minutes from the final whistle (86 ′). Just before additional time, Badji again shakes the opposing nets, but the latter is signaled in an offside position (90 ′). It’s only postponed, as Aliou Badji will finally score the second personal goal that has been reaching out to him for a few minutes. Amadou Ciss is perfectly offset by Akolo to the right, he crosses strong and finds Badji alone in front of goal, who does not hesitate to make the mark worse (3-0, 90 2 ′).

Without trembling and in complete control, the Amiens SC will have made short work of a non-existent USL Dunkirk in the second half. The Amiens come out on top, three goals to nil at home.

AMIENS SC: Gurtner – Mendy, Pavlovic (c.), Fofana – Gene (Ciss, 87 ′), Gnahoré (Gomis, 90 ′), Benet (Lomotey, 77 ′), Sy – Lusamba (Bamba, 87 ′) – Tolu (Akolo, 76 ′), Badji

USL DUNKERQUE: Maraval – Thiam, Ba, Gomis, Kouagba, Brahimi, – Pierre (Segbe, 77 ′), Kikonda (Dudouit, 86 ′) – Tchokounté, Rocheteau, Majouga (Trichard, 67 ′)

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News – Weather forecast in Normandy for Friday December 3

News - Weather forecast in Normandy for Friday December 3

This weekend is gloomy. An oceanic disturbance, rainy and windy, crosses Normandy this FRIDAY. Some snowfall may precede it north of the Seine. Under the clouds, the strong south-westerly flow will favor a marked increase in maximum temperatures.

The rain, durable and provided, is topical this weekend, initially more important in the West than in the East, where it will be preceded by some snowflakes, in the North of the Seine in particular.

On this gloomy morning, the south-westerly wind will be gusting for 40 to 60 km / h while negative values ​​will be numerous, for an average of 0 to -1 ° inland, 2 to 4 ° towards the coast. Météo France announces for midday an average of 2 to 6 ° in Normandy.

The mediocre weather persists and signs for the afternoon, just like the morning. The watering continues under a gray sky, swept by gusts of southwest, towards the shores as in the interior.

The marked flow will promote immediate warmth, materialized by maximum temperatures all equal to or greater than 10 °, up to 14 ° from St-Lô to Cherbourg.

SATURDAY the west to northwest wind will be strong: 50 to 70 km / h towards the beaches, in frequent, heavy showers; potentially stormy in the North. 2 ° min / 12 ° max.

SUNDAY, the weather will remain tormented by north-westerly gusts with precipitation which will subside by the evening. 2 ° min / 9 ° max.

The New Moon on SATURDAY will rule 3 days of high tides (coefficients equal to or greater than 100) with a peak of 103 for this episode.

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News – Synthetic Bone Grafts to Replace Industry 2021 Global Market Outlook, Capacity and Investment Forecasts

News - Synthetic Bone Grafts to Replace Industry 2021 Global Market Outlook, Capacity and Investment Forecasts

Similar title :
Global Bone Substitute Market – Cheap Government Guidelines to Promote Growth
Global Dental Bone Graft Market and Replacement Materials Market Analysis Report 2021 to 2026 – Top Players Geistlich Pharma AG …
Synthetic Bone Grafts – Replacement Industry 2021 Global Market Outlook, Capacity and Investment Forecasts

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News – Exclusive: Barnaby Joyce warns drunken MPs after Jenkins report

News - Exclusive: Barnaby Joyce warns drunken MPs after Jenkins report

When the Prime Minister was about to present a report on sexual harassment, bullying and assault in Parliament and its districts on Tuesday, his deputy warned his colleagues to be careful about getting drunk in public if their pictures are in the newspaper

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce urged Coalition MPs to watch out for each other during the end of the year celebrations and not to undermine the government’s response to a report by Commissioner for Gender Discrimination, Kate Jenkins, entitled “Set the Standard” . He urged them to read it.

At their weekly party meeting, Joyce reminded them of the risks of the traditionally festive last week of parliament of the year. He suggested that they couldn’t let go any longer and assume that they would be protected from scrutiny.

Joyce said anyone who was now able to take pictures and send them anywhere was going to have to go with anyone be careful. Your behavior is “very, very important”, especially with regard to the Jenkins report.

Joyce urged his colleagues to take care of their buddies, and if they were drunk: “Don’t just call them a taxi , put her in a cab. “

The warning came during another turbulent week for the government. Education Secretary Alan Tudge has been relieved of his cabinet post and faces an investigation into allegations of abuse by former media advisor Rachelle Miller, with whom he had an extramarital affair. Tudge denies the allegations.

During the week, former Attorney General Christian Porter announced that he would be leaving politics in next year’s elections. Porter has faced historical rape allegations, which he also denies, of a woman who committed suicide before they could be investigated.

Both men were on an ABC Four Corners program last year with the title To see “Inside the Canberra Bubble”, which discussed issues related to the nighttime drinking culture in federal politics, the alleged behavior of some politicians and the treatment of staff.

Jenkins’ report, presented to Parliament on Tuesday, confirmed a deep one rooted problem in the Commonwealth’s parliamentary workplaces and recommended changes, including alcohol use in Parliament Buildings. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the results were “appalling and worrying”. “I wish I found it more surprising,” he said.

In addition to proposed changes to employment structures, measures to promote diversity, new codes of conduct and an independent parliamentary standards commission that could impose sanctions, Jenkins recommends that more emphasis be placed on respect place. This should apply to both the dealings with staff and the conduct of politicians in Parliament.

It turns out that Scott Morrison removed important references to respect when he reformulated the Minister’s Code of Conduct when he became Prime Minister in 2018 .

He maintained the ban on ministers from having sex with their co-workers introduced by his predecessor Malcolm Turnbull after revelations that Barnaby Joyce was having an extramarital affair with his then media advisor and now partner Vicki Campion, who was with was pregnant with his child.

Turnbull’s foreword had emphasized that ministers should always behave with integrity and respect in their personal relationships with others, and particularly with their staff, the staff of other ministers or members of the Australian public service.

Nor does his more general preface repeat Turnbull’s emphasis on personal conduct and decency d and omits a Turnbull statement that ministers should be “very aware” of the sacrifices their spouses and children make in support of their political careers and that they deserve “honor and respect”. .

Turnbull highlights and comments on the changes in an updated preface to a newly published edition of his memoir A Bigger Picture and curiously calls it “for such a public father”.

A spokesman for Morrison noted that the ministerial incidents allegedly according to Turnbull’s ministerial standards.

The Morrison government has set up a parliamentary workplace support service, an independent complaints mechanism, a 24-hour hotline and workplace training that “didn’t exist before,” said the spokesman.

“The government will now work constructively with MPs from across the political spectrum to make the changes we need to ensure our workplaces are safe, supportive and respectful.”

Morrison said the government will take into account the 28 recommendations of the Jenkins report, but has decided I am under no obligation to fully implement them.

The report found that one in three people who worked in the Parliament building and its districts had experienced sexual harassment. It found that 51 percent had experienced at least one incident of bullying, harassment, or actual or attempted sexual assault, and more than three quarters had either experienced or witnessed it.

Based on a survey, it was estimated that around 1 Percent of the approximately 3,000 people who work in the Parliament building were victims of actual or attempted rape or sexual assault.

The report contained harrowing stories collected from more than 900 people – parliamentarians, their staff and others who worked in the Buildings work, including in administration, transportation, hospitality, security and the media.

Among many incidents, it described a university student and part-time MP who walked into a politician’s office and she was completely naked Assistants greeted as if it were completely normal.

Another politician is supposed to be at a party Hand raised in a woman’s skirt trying to kiss her. Separately, someone else had seen a colleague shovel an employee’s hand down his pants.

The review revealed that the victims were mostly women. It found that 63 percent of female MPs had experienced harassment, compared with 24 percent of their male counterparts.

Within hours of the report’s release, Parliament was in an uproar over disrespectful behavior, with Liberal Senator David Van was accused of making dog-like growling noises when Independent Senator Jacqui Lambie spoke. Van denied that he had growled, but apologized for making a noise.

On Wednesday evening, Green Senator Lidia Thorpe also apologized in Parliament after she insulted liberal Senator Hollie Hughes with sexualized slander . Thorpe exclaimed during an argument with Hughes, “At least I keep my legs closed.” Thorpe’s colleague Sarah Hanson-Young has been subjected to such abuse, calling it “slut shaming.”

The Jenkins review was commissioned after former government adviser Brittany Higgins claimed earlier this year that she was in a ministerial office in 2019 raped in parliament building. Another former consultant, Bruce Lehrmann, was charged with the alleged incident.

Higgins, now visiting scholar at the Global Institute for Women’s Leadership at the Australian National University, welcomed the Jenkins review.

“I want the many “Thank you brave people who shared their stories that contributed to this review,” she said. “I hope that all sides of politics not only commit to but fully implement these recommendations.”

The day after the report was published, Morrison urged Secretary Alan Tudge to step aside and ordered an investigation into after Rachelle Miller made detailed abuse allegations against him.

On Thursday, Miller made a lengthy public statement describing what she considered emotionally and once physically abused during an affair she had previously described as consensual, however now referred to as “more complicated”.

Miller is in mediation after citing civil proceedings against Tudge and Attorney General Michaelia Cash earlier this year for alleged workplace harassment. She first announced the affair last year on the ABC Four Corners program.

“I was so ashamed, so humiliated, so scared, so exhausted,” she said on Thursday. “I told the small part of my story that I could handle.” Decided to go further this week, she described an incident where she claimed Tudge had her partying while on a work trip to Western Australia Night persuaded.

She said she woke up naked in his hotel room early in the morning and couldn’t remember what happened. She claimed he told her to “damn” get out of bed and physically kicked her on the floor because her ringing phone was bothering him.

“I was completely under his control,” she said. “He… [created] an isolation bubble around me that took me away from all my family and friends. The bullying, intimidation, harassment that I experienced working with him destroyed all of my confidence in my abilities. I didn’t think I could find a job anywhere else. “

In a written statement, Alan Tudge said,” I completely and completely reject Ms. Miller’s version of events. “

” I will both myself and myself. ” provide all materials and cooperate in every way, “he said.

Morrison told Parliament that the issue was” deeply troubling “to Miller, the minister and their families, and that the serious claims were” fair and expeditious ” would have to be resolved. He had asked his department to set up “an independent and fair” investigation to be conducted by former high-ranking official and intelligence expert, Dr. Vivienne Thom is directed.

“It’s never been about that,” she says. “I still feel sorry for him sometimes. The point is to make sure that no one else goes through this again in this workplace. It’s about changing a system that makes this possible. We shouldn’t have to fight. We don’t have a fight anymore. Why is it up to the survivors to fight for change? “

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on. released
December 4th, 2021 as “Exclusive: Joyce Schnapswarnung”.

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News – Quevilly Rouen Nancy prediction: Analysis, odds and prediction of the Ligue 2 match

News - Quevilly Rouen Nancy prediction: Analysis, odds and prediction of the Ligue 2 match

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News – 2021 Parade of Lights & Festival canceled due to COVID-19

News - 2021 Parade of Lights & Festival canceled due to COVID-19

According to the Downtown Tucson website, the festival was closed “due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Delta variant and the immense concern of the crowds”.

In recent years the festival has included a parade of lights in the Downtown and a tree lighting ceremony.

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News – Ligue 2 / Amiens – Dunkirk: Aliou Badji opens the scoring!

News - Ligue 2 / Amiens - Dunkirk: Aliou Badji opens the scoring!

At home this Friday night against Dunkirk, Amiens opened the scoring with Aliou Badji’s second goal of the season.

In great difficulty in the Championship where it has won only one of its last 12 meetings, Amiens SC intends to relaunch this Friday, on the occasion of the 17th day of Ligue 2. And at the very least that ‘we could say, things are going well at the moment for the Picardy Club.

Indeed, after 45 minutes, Philippe Hinschberger’s players are ahead, thanks to Senegalese striker Aliou Badji. A regular like Formose Mendy, the former Casa Sports player opened the scoring in the 26th minute for his second Ligue 2 goal with Amiens.

Free weekly magazine in digital edition to be published every Thursday, wiwsport Magazine offers you an essential tour of …

Free weekly magazine in digital edition to be published every Thursday, wiwsport Magazine offers you an essential tour of …

Opa Nguette was at a press conference before the match this Friday. FC Metz moves on the lawn of the …

At home, this Friday evening, against Dunkirk, Amiens opened the scoring thanks to the second goal of the season …

Contents of your news review for this Monday August 02, 2021. Mercato point – Arrivals and departures of Lions …

A few days before the start of the 2021-2022 season, former English footballer Jamie Carragher showed his impatience to see …

Me Augustin Senghor, candidate for his own succession for the presidency of the Senegalese Football Federation (FSF), promised …

The FIFA disciplinary committee has ruled on the disputes between Benin and DR Congo …

With the cascades of injuries to senior players of the Senegalese national team, Aliou Cissé finds himself in a dilemma ….

Scheduled for this Friday, December 3, 2021, the official reception of the main stadium of the Olembé Complex under construction has been postponed …

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News – AC Ajaccio hanging on, Sochaux on the Ligue 2 podium

News - AC Ajaccio hanging on, Sochaux on the Ligue 2 podium

It was a good opportunity for AC Ajaccio to put pressure on Toulouse. But hung by Valenciennes (0-0), this Friday, the Corsican club missed it. If successful, the ACA could have taken the lead in the Championship, pending the leader’s match on Monday (8:45 p.m.) in Niort. Instead, the Violets remain leaders, one point ahead of their runner-up, and one game less.

For his part, Sochaux did not miss the great operation, even if the Lionceaux had to wait for additional time (90th 3) and a header from Joseph Lopy to dominate Pau (2-1). This success allows them to climb temporarily on the podium, in front of Paris FC, which also narrowly won against Bastia (1-0), to chain a fourth consecutive victory, and Auxerre, which will receive Caen, Saturday (3 p.m. ). Le Havre, winner in Grenoble (2-1), came back on the heels of AJA.

At the bottom of the standings, Quevilly-Rouen, who had not won for two months, woke up at the best time to inflict a new defeat on Nancy (2-1), more than ever red lantern. Guingamp could also have sunk into the crisis without a reaction of pride in the face of Dijon. Led 2-0, the Forward turned the situation around in the second half to win (3-2) and jump in the standings (10th).

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News – Hilaria Baldwin shared the “heartbreaking” experience when she told her kids, the day before the reveal of Alec Baldwin’s filming on set, that he didn’t feel guilty about the tragedy

News - Hilaria Baldwin shared the “heartbreaking” experience when she told her kids, the day before the reveal of Alec Baldwin's filming on set, that he didn't feel guilty about the tragedy

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“Sometimes I just freeze because I know that I’m the adult who has to lead my family, but I’ve lost what’s right Direction is, ”said Hilaria Baldwin. “There is no manual made available to us.”


Ellen Durney

Posted on December 3, 2021 at 11:08 am ET

When asked by @GStephanopoulos how a real bullet got onto the set of “Rust”, Alec Baldwin says: “I have no idea. Someone put a sharp bullet in a gun. A bullet that shouldn’t even be on the property. “

Watch it TOMORROW 8PM ET on ABC and stream later on @hulu. https://t.co/fJQly1za1T

A BuzzFeed News investigation conducted with the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists based on thousands of documents the government refused to see.

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