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Woman died in horrific head-on collision north of Shoalhaven Heads on Tuesday morning

The woman was traveling north with two other women when their car collided with an oncoming sedan on Gerroa Road shortly after 10 a.m.

The driver and sole occupant of the southbound car is said to be in stable condition, after spending a period stuck in the wreckage

Three ambulance rescue helicopters, each with an injured woman on board, left Vic Zealand Oval nine minutes apart just before noon, bound for hospitals in Liverpool, Westmead and then St George

Nowra Police Station Inspector Ray Stynes ​​said a crime scene had been established and officers were investigating the circumstances of the crash

“I will not prevent the investigation, but it appears one of the vehicles passed on the wrong side of the road for some reason,” he said.

“The car heading north with three women was visiting, returning to Sydney, I believe The other (woman) was a local lady”

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“As you can understand it was a traumatic incident to attend and as always we will offer all our support to the officers present and we will embrace them as we always do as a blue family, as well with the ambulance and the fire brigade, ”he says

Daryl, a resident of Shoalhaven Heads, was cycling on Gerroa Road when he came across the crash

“I just went into help mode I just did what I could I spoke to one of the women who was badly injured but could still speak,” he said

“I helped undo her seat belt and just comforted her, then went to the lady driving the car alone and stayed with her (until the help) “

Emergency services remain on site, Bolong Road and Gerroa Road remaining closed in both directions with local traffic in place via Coolangatta Road and Beach Road

The road should be closed for several hours and motorists are advised to avoid the area if possible

Following the crash, Inspector Stynes ​​urged motorists to slow down and drive in the conditions

“Be aware of your surroundings, be aware of road conditions, drive within your abilities and if you are tired take a break Fatigue and speed are essential,” he said

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