Let them rejoice Pubji, which was banned for security reasons, is returning to India in a new form Pabji Corporation has announced that a new game called Pabji Mobile India will be launched in India It is also a specially prepared version for the Indian market

Pabji was banned in India in September Pabji Corporation’s model company is the South Korean company Craftton Krafton Inc. has signed an agreement with Microsoft Azura to launch mobile and PC versions of Pubji on a variety of platforms. As part of this, it is reported that Pabji is planning to return to India

Tencent, a Chinese company, previously managed Pubji’s affairs in India But now Pabji has abandoned his relationship with Tencent The ban comes as part of a digital strike by the central government against China following the Indo-China border clashes.

India has $ 100 million, or about 746 millionPubji Corporation plans to invest Rs 36 crore This time the company is offering complete security for customer data Pubji Corporation assures that they value Indian consumer data and that the new game will fully comply with local laws

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World News – IN – Pubji returns to India with $ 100 million investment
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