World news – GB – Pulumi Is Industry’s First Multi-Cloud, Multi-Language Infrastructure as Code Platform with 100% Azure Support

Modern Cloud Engineering pioneer Pulumi today announced the release of a Pulumi-native provider for Microsoft Azure that provides 100% coverage of Azure Resource Manager (ARM), the deployment and management service for Azure that enables users to create, update and delete resources in their Azure accounts. The new provider gives users same-day updates for additions and changes to Azure APIs, including new ARM capabilities and enables codification of provisioning, delivery, architecture, policy and testing using a broad range of familiar languages including TypeScript, C#, Python and Go. The company will be sharing more about these capabilities and its future vision at the first annual Cloud Engineering Summit, being held October 7 and 8.

Pulumi gives users unprecedented access to cloud engineering tools, libraries and communities. It enables incremental cloud adoption and modernization with support for more than 40 public, private and hybrid cloud providers — including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Kubernetes — and support for a wide variety of cloud architectures, including virtual machines, containers, serverless, hosted data and AI services. Available in preview today for all Pulumi languages, the new Pulumi `azurerm` provider will coexist with the current `azure` provider, with Pulumi users able to select and use either or both providers within their applications. New Pulumi Azure projects will default to use the `azurerm` provider once the provider reaches general availability.

Issues with existing Azure providers have led us to invest engineering time in building workarounds, delaying our ability to adopt new features of the Azure platform and reducing confidence in our software deployments for ˜unsupported features, said Ringo De Smet, founder of Cumundi. The new Pulumi Azure provider gives us immediate access to new features from Azure and accelerates our software deployments.

Azure users can now fully leverage Pulumi either online or as self-hosted SaaS to accelerate provisioning with the ability to plan changes and preview diffs before they happen, while tracking historical changes. They can also continuously deliver application and infrastructure at scale using one of a dozen CI/CD and SCM system integrations and built-in secrets management. Real sharing and reuse codifies architectural patterns and best practices, using an ecosystem of libraries that they can contribute to, leveraging real language packages shared with the community. Policy-as-code capabilities prevent critical mistakes from getting deployed into any cloud, enforcing security and compliance policies, cost controls and other best practices, using policies defined in real languages. Comprehensive testing capabilities instill confidence that infrastructure is correct before and after deployment, enabling integration testing for ephemeral environments with post-deployment validation.

Cloud Engineers rely on Pulumi to manage their most important Azure infrastructure and our goal is to offer the absolute best experience for working with the entire Azure platform, said Joe Duffy, CEO at Pulumi. Our new Azure provider is rearchitected from the ground up to be able to offer access to every resource in the Azure Resource Manager resource model, at high quality, on launch day. This sets a new bar for Infrastructure as Code providers for the Azure platform.

The new Pulumi Azure provider is available now in NPM, PyPI, Nuget, Go Modules and at API documentation is available at and includes more than 1,000 resource examples. A tool to convert existing ARM templates to Pulumi programs is available at

Pulumi’s modern infrastructure as a code platform helps developers and infrastructure teams work better together and ship faster with confidence, using open source and the worlds most popular programming languages. Our SaaS enables a consistent workflow for delivering and securing applications and infrastructure on any cloudpublic, private, or hybridincluding AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes and more than 40 other cloud providers. Hundreds of organizations of all sizes across a wide range of industries have chosen Pulumi for their cloud transformation and modernization needs. Pulumi was founded in 2017 by Microsoft, Amazon and Google software veterans. For more information, visit

SYDNEY, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Kazia Therapeutics Limited (ASX: KZA; NASDAQ: KZIA), an Australian oncology-focused biotechnology company, is pleased to announce that it has entered into a collaboration with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) in the United States, to investigate the use of Kazia’s investigational new drug, paxalisib (formerly GDC-0084), in primary central nervous system (CNS) lymphoma, a potential new indication for the drug.

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (DFCI) is a world-leading cancer treatment and research centre, based in Boston, Massachusetts. It is a principal teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School and has been designated a Comprehensive Cancer Center by the US National Cancer Institute. DFCI participates in as many as 600 clinical trials at any given time and has been an important contributor to the development of many important new cancer therapies.

Kazia CEO, Dr James Garner, commented, “this is an exciting new opportunity for the paxalisib program. We are delighted to support the team at Dana-Farber to explore the potential for paxalisib to benefit patients with PCNSL. Dana-Farber is one of the world’s leading centres of excellence in this disease, so we are immensely fortunate to be working with them. We are pleased also to see a new and important target added to the broader paxalisib clinical program, and we look forward to seeing the project commence.”

Kazia’s financial support to the study will use a portion of the funds contributed by shareholders in the Share Purchase Plan (SPP) conducted in May 2020.

Lymphoma is a haematological malignancy (blood cancer) that originates from lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell involved in the immune system. PCNSL is a specific form of the disease that originates in the brain and central nervous system.

Three of the four PI3K inhibitors approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are treatments for various forms of lymphoma, provide a strong validation for PI3K as a target in this disease. Paxalisib is the only PI3K inhibitor in mainstream development with the ability to penetrate the blood-brain barrier, and as such has a unique rationale for development in PCNSL.

PCNSL accounts for approximately 4% of brain tumours, and the incidence is increasing with time. Patients are typically in their 60s or older, and the disease is slightly more common in men.[1] The mainstays of treatment comprise chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but recurrence is common and only approximately 30% of patients remain alive five years after diagnosis.[2] Many of the drugs used to treat lymphoma elsewhere in the body are ineffective in PCNSL due to their inability to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute will launch a single-arm phase II clinical trial in patients with relapsed or refractory PCNSL, who are resistant to existing treatments. The primary endpoint will be to assess efficacy via overall response rate (ORR), which measures the ability of paxalisib to shrink tumours. Safety and other efficacy endpoints will also be captured. The study will also examine tissue and cerebrospinal fluid samples to identify potential predictors of response.

The principal investigator for the study is Dr Lakshmi Nayak, Director of the CNS Lymphoma Center at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Dr Nayak is an Assistant Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School and a board-certified neuro-oncologist. Her research interests focus on metastatic brain cancer, glioblastoma, and PCNSL, and she is extensively published in the field of brain cancer. She has been an investigator for multiple clinical trials of experimental drugs in this disease area.

Commencement of recruitment to the study is expected in early CY2021, but is subject to receiving necessary approvals from FDA and from institutional review boards. The study will be listed on closer to the commencement of recruitment.

The CNS Lymphoma Center (CNSLC) at Dana-Farber / Brigham and Women’s Cancer Center is the first centre of its kind in the world dedicated to providing comprehensive care and research for patients with primary or secondary CNS lymphoma. With the most advanced treatment options available — including surgery, chemotherapy, stem cell transplant, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies, and with extensive clinical trial options – CNSLC is uniquely qualified to treat patients with CNS lymphoma and advance the outcome of patients with these tumors.

Other clinicians at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute are currently involved in clinical trials of paxalisib in other forms of brain cancer. Dr Jose Pablo Leone is the principal investigator on a phase II clinical trial of paxalisib in combination with Herceptin (trastuzumab) for breast cancer brain metastases (breast cancer that has spread to the brain). Professor Patrick Wen has been centrally involved in the ongoing phase II study of paxalisib in glioblastoma, and plays a leadership role in the international GBM AGILE study.

The initiation of this trial in PCNSL brings the number of ongoing clinical studies of paxalisib in brain cancer to six.

Kazia completed recruitment to a phase II clinical trial of paxalisib in newly-diagnosed glioblastoma in February 2020, and interim clinical data was presented at the AACR Virtual Annual Meeting II in June 2020. Overall survival was calculated at 17.7 months, which compares favourably to an historical figure of 12.7 for temozolomide, the existing FDA-approved standard of care. Kazia expects to present further data from this study in 2H CY2020, and to conclude the study in early CY2021.

PARIS and SHANGHAI, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Aden Group and Eren Groupe – through two of its subsidiaries, Eren Industries and Total Eren – are pleased to announce the launch of “Tera Energies”, their joint venture in China. Based in Shanghai, the company will be dedicated to developing innovative energy efficiency and sustainable solutions for the commercial, industrial and governmental sectors in China, taking an active role in the country’s low-carbon energy transition.

Over the past 10 years, China has accelerated its efforts and programs around energy-efficiency gains. It has set itself ambitious targets to increase renewable energy penetration in its mix. Along with this transition towards a less carbon-intensive system, the Asian market, China in particular, has seen a rapid shift from a one-way system of large power plants to a multidirectional, decentralized power. The responsibility of managing energy and minimizing CO2 emissions is now shifting to businesses, local governments and facility managers. To support this transition, Tera is offering a unique suite of integrated innovative services.

Tera gathers together companies with extensive expertise and know-how in the fields of energy generation and optimization, facility management and sustainable services, all united by a bold vision for a clean energy future in China and Asia. The partners all benefit from a successful track record and renowned experience providing best-in-class innovative energy solutions and services in China and globally, for the benefit of their customers.

Total Eren brings its experience as a global Independent Power Producer (“IPP”) with expertise across wind, solar photovoltaic (PV) and hybrid systems. It combines the financial strengths of a global player with the agility of a developer and the vision of a long-term investor, for both public and private customers. Tera will benefit from Total Eren’s technical expertise, financing structuration know-how, procurement leverage and worldwide network to deliver best-in-class and competitive renewable energy solutions.

Eren Industries offers its unique portfolio of smart technology solutions and its global expertise in helping customers optimize their energy consumption and reduce their CO2 emissions. Eren Industries is engaged and specialized in the development, financing, and management of projects that significantly reduce the amount of investment needed for heating and cooling energy systems, generating important savings on the annual energy operating costs of buildings.

Aden Group brings an operational and regional facility management expertise built over 20 years in Asia. Its network includes 80 Chinese cities and 1,500 partners, giving it unique insight into China’s evolving business, regulatory and environmental demands. Through Tera, Aden Group will accelerate its longstanding mission of integrating traditional facility management with technical and environmental innovation, sustainability and quality of life outcomes. 

With Tera, the partners move into a new and ambitious phase, combining their experience and resources to support their clients in digitalizing, decentralizing and decarbonizing their energy supply.

Tera will serve as an efficient and competitive provider of renewable energy solutions, combining innovative energy optimization services and mature sustainability technologies to help companies reduce their energy bill and improve their carbon footprint. The firm will fully focus on China’s clean-energy and smart-city sectors, giving it the capacity to accelerate pioneering work in B2B renewable energy and AI-powered energy optimization.

Paris Mouratoglou, Founder and Chairman of Eren Groupe, stated: “The creation of this new joint venture in China together with Aden represents a new step of Eren’s international development strategy. We are very pleased to become the energy-solution partner of the unique business platform iAden is developing in China. Looking ahead, we are eager to deliver together our solutions for the benefit of our clients to help them rationalize and optimize their energy consumption in a sustainable way.”

David Corchia, Co-founder and CEO of Total Eren, added: “We are thrilled to bring our global expertise in renewable energy to the Chinese market. I would like to thank our partner, Aden Group, and Eren Industries for this excellent cooperation, as well as our teams for their hard and continuous work which made the launch of Tera possible. In line with Total Eren’s pioneering spirit, we look forward to developing tailored renewable energy solutions for private customers in China.”

Joachim Poylo, Co-founder and President of Aden Group, stated: “The world has arrived at a true crossroads moment. The environmental outcomes that result will be profoundly shaped by Asia, and by the way energy is managed in its cities and buildings. The energy transition market in China alone is a trillion-dollar opportunity requiring the highest level of technical and operational expertise with deep local knowledge. Tera offers precisely this, and we could not be more excited to help drive clean energy transitions in Asia.”

Francois Amman, Co-founder and Co-President of Aden Group, said: “This is a moment when all the pieces of the puzzle are coming together for Asia: asset management, facility management, energy optimization and generation. We have spent the past five years investing in the technical expertise and digital tools to powerfully respond to this moment of opportunity – with the platform we have built, and the addition of our partners Total Eren and Eren Industries, we will be able to respond faster than ever before to our clients’ needs and create change with the speed and scope that this moment demands.”

Founded in 2012 by Paris Mouratoglou and David Corchia, Total Eren develops, finances, builds and operates renewable energy power plants (solar, wind, hydro) representing a gross capacity of more than 3,300 MW in operation or under construction worldwide. Through partnerships with local developers, Total Eren is currently developing numerous energy projects in countries and regions where renewable energy represents an economically viable response to growing energy demand such as in Europe, Central Asia, Asia Pacific, Latin America and Africa. On April 5th, 2019, Total Eren integrated NovEnergia into the Group thus extending its presence notably into Southern Europe. The objective is to achieve a global gross installed capacity of more than 5 GW by 2022. Since December 2017, Total S.A., the major energy company, has been participating as a shareholder of Total Eren.

A subsidiary of Eren Groupe, Eren Industries offers its customers and partners trustworthy solutions centred on breakthrough technologies that help to streamline and optimize the management of natural resources. Eren Industries is the bearer of various energy systems, involving energy storage and artificial intelligence, that make it possible to accelerate the energy transition of building at low cost. Eren Industries also takes part in developing innovative and competitive technology in other areas of activities such as the optimization of electricity consumption, infrastructure monitoring, water treatment, pre-treatment of industrial liquid wastes. These technologies are marketed by the subsidiaries of Eren Industries internationally.

Focused on serving Asia’s needs since its foundation in 1997, Aden has been headquartered in Shanghai for over 20 years. Since its foundation as a facility-management company, Aden has steadily broken down the boundaries between traditional facility management and emerging technologies, including some of the most promising areas of environmental sustainability and smart city infrastructure. With over 1,500 clients and a footprint in 25+ countries, Aden has built a comprehensive, cross-sector understanding of how facility management can be merged with the most advanced energy management to create a powerful impact on business efficiency, profitability and sustainability.

SHANGHAI, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Westwin, a tech-driven cross-border marketing company, unveils its “2020 China Cross-border Consumer Report”. The report portrays seven distinct cross-border consumer groups across four major categories, including e-commerce, travel, education, and real estate. 

The results are distilled from a sea of information gathered from 300 surveys with consumers in Chinese cities ranging from first to fourth tier, and in-depth interviews with 21 consumers from varied segments. 

The market scale of cross-border e-commerce in China has grown steadily from 2018 to 2020. In 2019, the market was valued at 415.5 billion yuan ($60.5 billion). Sales in Q1 2020 declined due to the pandemic; however, they remained stronger than 2018 Q1. The report also indicates that the epidemic boosts online shopping revenues.  

The report found that the effect on skincare and makeup products has become polarized, since staying at home & wearing masks means no need for lipstick. Yet, wearing masks for too long can cause acne or oily skin.

In 2019 the number of outbound travelers amounted to 155 million while travelers from tier 3 & 4 cities continue to grow 160% yearly. In 2020, cross-border tourism was hit hard due to COVID-19; however, the intention to travel remains strong, 45% are willing to travel abroad when COVID-19 is over. 

Among consumers interviewed, 20.7% made cross-border purchases more than 20 times in the past year, while 15% spent over 20,000 yuan ($2,914) in 2019. 

Cross-border e-commerce consumers prefer their online shopping platforms to offer a wide range of categories, with Tmall International, JD Worldwide and Amazon being the top three options. Cosmetics, electronic goods, as well as apparel and handbags, represent the three most popular categories.

To get cross-border products information and connect, 55.3% of consumers say they use WeChat the most, followed by Douyin (49.7%), the Chinese version of Tiktok, and Sina Weibo (39.3%).

“Small town moms” refer to young ladies living in 3rd and 4th tier cities. Usually, their parents purchase houses & cars; even if their salary is not high, disposable income is considerable. They love to post every large purchase on WeChat moments to promote a luxury lifestyle. These young ladies also tend to follow trends and appreciate the opinion of friends and influencers. 

“Big City Single Ladies” live in tier 1&2 cities. They typically have a promising career, are financially independent and well educated. They believe that clothing choices reflect attitudes, therefore refuse to wear the same outfit as someone else. They significantly prefer overseas niche brands. 

“Millionaires” are polarized, some of them enjoy their lives; others have no life, but anxiety. This group rarely do cross-border purchasing themselves, but heavily rely on their wives. They have a low shopping desire but are keen to invest in overseas real estate to hedge risks. 

“Millionaires’ Wives” are ladies from high-income families. Most of them are well-educated and have studied overseas. They mentioned they do not care about their child’s academic achievements but are eager to send them to overseas summer camps, sport camps and international academic competitions, which add to foreign colleges applications. 

The report offers insights and tips based on consumer behavior and the world shaped by the pandemic. It shows that 3rd and 4th -tier cities, as well as rural areas in China, present significant potential for cross-border consumption. 

Accounting for 71.4% of the country’s population, consumers from these markets represent 60% of new buyers on the major e-commerce platforms during the Double 11 shopping spree in 2019. 

These consumers are also more price sensitive. Companies can offer more discounts and promotional events online working with e-commerce platforms and video-sharing platforms to attract this segment of consumers. 

The pandemic-induced live streaming boom is also relevant to the business world. Brick-and-mortar stores can create a tour or other shopping experiences through live streaming. Show business can appeal to home-struck consumers with online concerts, theatre shows and even museum tours. 

According to the report, niche segments defined by hobbies and personal tastes are playing an even more vital role in shaping consumer behavior. Companies should customize their online offerings to appeal to a group of spenders with varied preference and habits. 

Westwin, formerly known as Microsoft Online (MSN China), is a leading technology-driven digital marketing company that focuses on cross-border business. It provides branding strategies and digital marketing solutions to help customers achieve success in China and around the world. Westwin is a certified marketing & advertising partner of Baidu, Tencent WeChat, Sina Weibo, and many other major digital platforms in China. With years of experience in cross-border business and partnership growth, Westwin is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to take businesses to the next level in overseas markets.

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SHANGHAI, Sept. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Westwin, a tech-driven cross-border marketing company, unveils its “2020 China Cross-border Consumer Report”. The…

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Providing the latest delivery date of online purchases is a crucial driver for online shoppers’ satisfaction, but arrival date predictions…

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