World news – FR – Who owns this bracelet found near Bagnoles de l’Orne Normandie? – en.

Last August, Laurent, a 54-year-old Parisian, spent his holidays with his partner Sara in La Baroche-sous-Lucé (Orne)

Metal detection enthusiast, he brought the necessary equipment and took a walk to indulge his passion “I found this curb chain on a forest path between Juvigny-sous-Andaine and La Chapelle-d’Andaine, he says.

She was pretty deep in the grass, which might mean she had been there for a while

While he could very well have gotten rid of it, Laurent will go in search of the owner of this bracelet

“I said to myself: as there is a date on the back, it must be a gift If I lost an item I hold dear, and someone finds it, I would be glad if they made the effort to find me and return it to me ” Back home in Paris with his “treasure”, he will then throw a bottle into the sea at the beginning of September via the Facebook page La Chapelle-d’Andaine

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“Research Carine, 46, no, no, this is not a marriage announcement,” he explains with humor. I spent a few days in your lovely region this summer On a forest path near La Chapelle-d’Andaine, I found a bracelet in the name of Carine, born in 1974 Obviously she had been there for a long time Maybe one of you knows this Carine

I will give this curb chain to the one who can give me the date of birth which appears on the back of the jewel

An ad that has already been seen over 2,000 times with several Carines who have come forward: “Wahooooo, it’s been more than 20 years, even 25 years, replied one of them My date of birth: December 13, 1974 I grew up in Bagnoles Incredible, I am amazed ” “Sorry, it’s not the right date” Laurent replies, a little overwhelmed by the number of responses he receives.

So, does this famous Carine live in the Bocage? Was she a tourist from another region? For now, the mystery remains unsolved May this article help find her

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World news – EN – Who owns this bracelet found near Bagnoles de l’Orne Normandie? – en.