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Discovering your best tracks on Spotify is just a click (or two) away, but now streamer Michelle Liu has created a plugin to make your data image perfect and ready to publish. Introducing “Receiptify”, a plug-in that turns your best songs into a purchase receipt

Liu, @fullcontrol on Twitter, tweeted her invention on Sunday – before long it had indeed exploded beyond her 200 followers Liu had spent a day coding the site after being inspired by @albumreceipts, a Instagram account that posts album songlists as if printed on a personalized receipt See:

Once you log into Spotify, the plugin will generate receipts for your top 10 tracks from last month, last 6 months, or all time Be warned, this can be a little revealing or a reminder of the day you listened to Imogen Heap’s “Hide And Seek” on repeat for nine straight hours

Go generate your own receipts here Liu is asking for a few bucks to help host the plug-in as he needs a bigger, paid server thanks to all the attention he has received – his Venmo is michelle -liuu


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World News – AU – This Spotify plug-in turns your best tracks into an Instagram-compatible receipt – en – en.