World News – AU – Kmart buyer wins $ 1.50 tea towels in ‘amazing’ dress – en – en.

A crafty Kmart customer left her fellow social media users stunned after sharing a dress she made only with $ 1.50 tea towels from the discount store

Avid sewer worker Selika from Melbourne, VIC wowed TikTokers with a video showing how she constructed the cute fit and flare dress from 11 cockatoo print cotton tea towels she bought from Kmart

“I love prints and I was sure I could make a nice dress out of them,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle

After carefully unchecking the seams of each of the tea towels, Selika used Rosery Apparel’s “Rosa” dress pattern to make the unique spring-ready garment on her sewing machine

To make the dress even more unique, Selika says she added her own puffed sleeves during the process, which took her around seven to eight hours.

The comments section of Selika’s post was inundated with compliments and praise for her homemade outfit – which cost her an incredible $ 16.50!

“If I did this with tea towels, it would look like a tea towel dress,” another joked after giving the dress a thumbs-up emoji

One fan was so inspired that he decided to go out and get some tea towels right away

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News from around the world – AU – Kmart buyer wins $ 1 50 tea towels in an “ amazing ” dress – en – en.