World news – 21 TV Deaths That Ruined The Whole Show For People

“She was such an amazing and complex character. When she died, it was like they ripped out the heart of the show, and the seasons following her death plummeted in quality. The show just wasn’t the same without her.”

“As someone who watched the show and followed her character’s journey for years, I was livid when they flipped the script and had her murder innocent people, then killed her off. It ruined Game of Thrones’ legacy forever.”

“She was killed just moments after she and Clarke had finally gotten together. They just couldn’t let an LGBTQ character be happy, could they?!”

“Meredith and Derek’s relationship was the heart of the show, and his death destroyed me. The show really fell apart after he died and I just couldn’t watch anymore.”

“Killing her off like that was ridiculous and her character shouldn’t have gone out that way. Emily did not deserve that.”

“Regina finally got her happy ending with Robin, only for him to be killed off. The show just wasn’t the same afterward.”

“He was the heart of the show and one of the only reasons I kept watching, so killing him off just infuriated me. I know he dies in the comics, but killing him was still one of the worst decisions the show made. What a waste of a brilliant character.”

“It was absolutely devastating and unnecessary for them to take away Logan and Veronica’s happy ending. There was no good reason for his death to happen and it destroyed the entire series for me forever.”

“He and Bonnie were seconds away from getting their happy ending, and after all that girl went through, she deserved that more than anything. Watching Stefan rip his heart out of his chest just for shock value made me irrationally mad, and Bonnie’s scream broke me.”

“Her death was such a shock to me that I had to stop watching the show for a bit to recover from it. She was the only reason Tommy Shelby smiled, and killing her off was a big blow to the show.”

“She was my favorite character and I bawled my eyes out when she died. I watched a couple of the episodes after her death, but it just wasn’t the same.”

“It was such a good early 2000s show, but after he was killed, the quality just absolutely tanked.”

“I still watched the show after her death, but it just wasn’t the same without her. She was such an important character with so much potential, and I don’t understand why they got rid of her.”

“I still love the show, but his death just makes Season 2 too hard to rewatch.”

“I sat with my mouth hanging open for about 10 minutes after that car crash. Why steal so much joy from the show?!”

“I watched the rest of the series, but it was never the same after his death. I’ve never been able to go back and rewatch the show now that I know how Sweets’s story ends.”

“I was so pissed when they killed of Hayley, then Josh, and then Klaus and Elijah. They killed off all the main characters and made sure that none of them would be able to come back in that universe again.”


World news – 21 TV Deaths That Ruined The Whole Show For People

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