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Fellow Coneheads, as the clock strikes 11:30 am ET on this happy Saturday night, you know what that means: another SNL in review Tonight is the third episode of season 46, and some things become clearer: with 20 cast members, inserted in episodes like a skeleton team, this is one of the least homogeneous castings in recent memory And the show’s format – determined both by the current election, Trump, and the new COVID-19 standard – both downplayed the show’s oft-mythical comedy cast, previously its driving force, and compensated for the show’s rhythm of the episodes (For the record, I recently watched a Season 16 episode hosted by Susan Lucci, and the Cold Open – starring Phil Hartman as Victor Kiam – timed at one minute 52 seconds after Lucci’s monologue and credits, the show got off to a good start before the nine minutes It was wonderful!)

Still, last week’s episode had glimmers of hope, thanks in large part to Bill Burr and his acerbic sensibility that begs the question: will the quality sway from week to week. other, depending on the host? Tonight’s host Issa Rae could be a good case study Rae is a singularly bright talent, one of the few comedians to capture the zeitgeist However, we saw a somewhat analogous host last season , Phoebe Waller-Bridge, disappointing in her episode So there’s always that trade-off in modern Saturday Night Live: Will the show live or die on the host’s ability to comply with the demands of live television? How well can the show adapt to a presenter’s sensitivity while retaining their own voice? Chicken or, as they say, the egg

I’m joined tonight by one of my favorite SNL cast members, Ellen Cleghorne. “I love Issa Rae She’s the voice of a generation,” Cleghorne said, hailing, “Girl magic from the Black Ivy League! Michelle, Shonda, Issa: the Ivy League fate child! “

Tonight’s musical guest is Justin Bieber, who is making his fourth appearance on the series as an MG (He also did double duty as host and musical guest in season 38. Famously enough, Former cast members Jay Pharoah and Bill Hader called Bieber the show’s worst host or musical guest) Let’s go, okay?

“NBC has thrown a thirst trap for President Trump,” says the narration This is Dueling Town Halls – yee-haw! SNL takes a very close look at Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s television appearances on the network

Fire Marshall Biden comes out and starts dancing for the kids on TikTok I have a question: why is Jim Carrey doing the finger gun? I haven’t noticed Biden doing this yet, and I’m not sure what he’s capturing about the Vice President? Mikey Day plays George Stephanopoulos, who leads the discussion (Mike Myers played Stephanopoulos in the 90s) Thursday, Biden was endless and wobbly; here the show is the subject of several old fashioned jokes calling it boring

We then move on to NBC, where Savannah Guthrie (Kate McKinnon) takes on President Trump (Alec Baldwin) In case you haven’t, they literally present it as a Wrestlemania match for a moment. , Melissa Villaseñor emerges (for the first time this season) to ask a question, before Chloe Fineman plays the odd woman who complimented Trump on her smile

Answering a question about ‘Amy Conan O’Brien’ Trump is eclipsed by the factory behind him And, once again, Maya Rudolph introduces herself as Kamala Harris to question Trump’s emphatic supporter who nods angrily behind the president – “Jordan Peele’s absurdity” is right

Cleghorne intervenes: “I’m sure Kamala will be VP because everyone wants to be at least four years older than Rudolph as such” She recommends Harris appear on SNL alongside Rudolph and “do this famous sketch of Lucy Ball with Harpo Marx They sing the man in the mirror Or Kamala looking at herself in the mirror debriefing after the ACB cross-examination “

Biden is spoofed as a Mister Rogers and a Bob Ross-style figure I mean, I know this is eye-catching on YouTube, but can anyone tell it works? I have a very bad taste in my mouth

Rae calls Tina Fey, Amy Poehler and Molly Shannon She’s very happy and scared to be at Studio 8H “I’m the first black person to greet you SNL”, she lies If the show goes bad, she says to blame her – Mary J Blige

She explains that she was originally supposed to host the show in March when she had two movies and a fourth season of her show, Insecure Now her only plans are puzzles She talks about her first show on the fall 2016 and how it was like in high school SNL is its prom

Cleghorne is a fan of Rae’s The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl and Insecure “Must watch if I want to keep my black card she’s inspired and created space for the anti-sassy black girl”

It’s a French-Canadian talk show! Best parts of Canada and the worst parts of France Naturally, the introduction mentions Schitt’s Creek Bowen Yang and Kate McKinnon are the hosts – the sketch is a great showcase for Bowen It’s nice to see it not being rated as fair ” sassy “or Asian in all roles

Mikey Day is Jean-Fred, I mean Fred He’s an American trapped in quarantine “How is this a news show?” he asks Rae is playing a correspondent on Drake Watch (Which leads to a funny reference to Wheelchair Jimmy on Degrassi: The Next Generation) Drake is not at the CN Tower, unfortunately Jean-Fred / Fred is frustrated, which is the Mikey Day classic, right folks?

Beck Bennett is back worried and wondering how he can understand oppression and racism He wants to understand, but does not know how Kenan Thompson is the narrator of the commercial, explaining that Bennett can take five hours to empathy and learning Beck thinks about it, but he doesn’t want to

Female Heidi Gardner also refuses to take it It’s a fun nudge to comfy white liberals who want to grasp societal issues, but mostly lip service Sharp and necessary

In a fancy outdoor restaurant, Rae and Chris Redd have a first date She’s had bad dating experiences While Redd selects crab dumplings to order, a homeless man named Clifford (Kenan Thompson ) walks past Apparently they got out Redd is shocked

Then Karate Man (Pete Davidson) walks around “Sharon !?” he exclaims They also dated “He just ghost me!” she explains

Then a silver painted street performer Bowen Yang (“Robot”) and his dog, Astro, appear He also compliments her “breast meat” – the hook is that she works as a Disney princess performer in Times Square They decide to let his past be the past

Then Redd gets a surprise ride: “Who is that bitch?” asks the woman passing by, which closes the date and the sketch!

“Holy” is apparently the first single from his upcoming album (You can check out the official clip here) Former SNL host Chance the Rapper appears to contribute a verse, verifying the name of another previous SNL host, Joe Pesci As a song, “Holy” seems to be a declaration of love to Bieber’s wife, Hailey Baldwin (unkune Alec Baldwin’s niece) It has a gospel vibe, which is very consistent for Chance “Holy” brand. the fifth collaborative single from Chance and Bieber after “Confident”, “Juke Jam”, “I’m the One” and “No Brainer”

Cleghorne says of Bieber, “He makes Crocs cool! Bottle Who He’s the Madison Avenue Pied Piper Whenever I see or hear him, I think of this video of the little girl who lost her mind because she wanted to marry Justin Bieber… He has the Beatles factor “

Bieber was previously emulated on SNL by Miley Cyrus in a 2011 skit “The Miley Cyrus Show” as well as Jimmy Fallon Kate McKinnon also played the Biebs three times

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W24News – United States – “Saturday Night Live” recap: Issa Rae welcomes Justin Bieber

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