W24News – UA – Australia’s only openly gay head of state / territory punched man after winning ACT vote

Perhaps overshadowed by New Zealand, Saturday night’s other election was held at ACT, where outgoing Chief Minister Andrew Barr got four more years for his government. was a pretty typical affair until Barr kissed her husband on live television, a revolutionary moment that resonated with people across the country

With Labor in the lead and likely to form a minority government with the Greens in the coming weeks, the victory marks the sixth consecutive Labor government in ACT Barr and her husband, Anthony Toms, celebrated by marching towards ” Lady Gaga’s The Edge of Glory ”, taking a giant leap forward for Little Monster’s representation on the political scene

“We had a series of amazing challenges thrown at us, as a city and as a community, and we overcame it because we worked together,” Barr told an ecstatic crowd. / p>

“We went through it because we applied progressive values ​​to our government decisions and because we applied compassion and we did not leave people behind”

After 19 years in government, the Labor Party won a sixth term # ACTVotes2020 “We went through it because we applied progressive values ​​to our government decisions, because we applied compassion and because we didn’t did not leave people behind “@ABarrMLA @SBSNews picTwittercom / bPEqZFCx6u

Soon after, he kissed his 20-year-old partner, whom he was finally able to marry last year

“We have met in this city, for almost 21 years, about to celebrate our first wedding anniversary,” Barr said

While a quick kiss of the opposite gender occurs at almost every election victory, Barr is the first member of a same-sex couple to lead a party to victory in Australia, ever

Congratulations on a good win @ABarrMLA @Canberra_Labor! Here is the magical “I love you, Anthony” moment from the chef’s #ACTvotes victory speech – one for the history books #auspol picTwittercom / olL3ZI8Xlo

While this isn’t the very first time this has happened (Barr has also kissed his partner in previous election wins, as the man continues to win), many Australians still couldn’t help but ‘appreciate how rare it is to see

“I really, really love how he feels so comfortable in his own skin that he can kiss and kiss his partner on national television,” one person wrote on Twitter

Beautiful moment between Chief Minister Andrew Barr and her husband Anthony Toms during the Labor victory celebration last night

There is still a long way to go, but wow how far are we ???????????????????? ❤️ #auspol #actvotes #loveislove picTwittercom / 5CLPsXtU5D

I actually had to check that I didn’t see a doctored photo Yes this is the ACT election winner Andrew Barr is celebrating with his partner It makes me so happy that the next generation has these normalized and visible relationships ????????????????????? https: // tco / NWGlICodDE

On the other hand, it is still extremely powerful that Andrew Barr not only recognizes her husband, but kisses him in his #actvotes victory speech

An openly gay leader celebrating election victory with her husband is both quite ordinary and revolutionary for Australia, and its young gay men in particular Congratulations @ABarrMLA https: // tco / a71XyJFacn

To my international followers Andrew Barr is our first (and only) gay leader of a state or territory He was elected to another 4 year term yesterday I really, really like how he feels so comfortable in his skin that he can kiss and kiss his partner on national television https: // tco / 8BdQ42cMdQ

It’s cute: Australia’s first openly gay head of government, ACT Chief Minister Andrew Barr, and her 20-year-old husband and partner Anthony Toms walk hand in hand after being re-elected https: // tco / vWTeO4OzaI

Of course, having a same-sex partner (and kissing them on live TV) doesn’t automatically make someone a waking baby or whatever

It is important not to let these moments, admittedly beautiful, cloud our judgment on their policy and their leadership

That said, this was still a special milestone and one that will hopefully become more and more common in the future

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W24News – UA – Australia’s only openly gay head of state / territory hit man after winning ACT vote

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