W24News – PH – TWICE’s Jeongyeon to skip promotions for upcoming album due to anxiety

Jeongyeon of nine-member K-pop girl group TWICE will not be joining promotions and activities on their upcoming second studio album to anxiety

TWICE will release the album “Eyes Wide Open” on October 26, which will be led by the main track “I Can’t Stop”

In an announcement published on October 17, JYP Entertainment, TWICE’s agency, informed fans of Jeongyeon’s state of health

“We would like to inform you about the current health situation of TWICE member Jeongyeon and her involvement in TWICE activity,” he said

The agency said, “Currently, Jeongyeon is experiencing psychological anxiety about moving his schedule forward. Therefore, after deep discussions with Jeongyeon herself and other members of TWICE, we have decided that he was necessary for Jeongyeon to have sufficient rest and absolute stability, accompanied by professional medical measures”

For this reason, Jeongyeon will not be able to be with his colleagues in the promotion of the new album

“Because we value the mental and physical health of our artists more than anything else, we inform you that Jeongyeon will not be able to attend TWICE’s activities regarding the second full album at this time. aware of any changes in the future We ask for your love and support for Jeongyeon’s full recovery Thank you, ”JYP Entertainment said

“Eyes Wide Open” contains 13 tracks: “I Can’t Stop Me”, “Hell In Heaven”, “Up No More”, “Do What We Like”, “Bring It Back”, “Believer”, “Queen”, “Go on”, “Shot Clock”, “Handle it”, “Depend on yourself”, “Say something” and “Behind the mask”

“I Can’t Stop Me” is written by Park Jin-young and Shim Eun-ji, composed by Melanie Joy Fontana, Michel “Lindgren” Schulz and A Wright, and arranged by Schulz

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