W24News – FR – Ligue 2: a victory that feels good for Amiens who wins (1-0) against Grenoble

On behalf of the seventh day of Ligue 2 Amiens gives itself a little air after a series of bad matches The formation now led by Oswald Tanchot beat Grenoble (1-0)

A victory that does a lot of good! Amiens comes out of its torpor and records its second victory of the season Oswald Tanchot’s players beat Grenoble (1-0) thanks to a goal from Stephen Odey

Amiens could have packed the entry meeting In the first minute, this same Stephen Odey, after a big full-axis breakthrough unfortunately did not frame The Nigerian opened his foot too much

Grenoble then accelerated and proved dangerous Fortunately for Amiens, Régis Gurtner intervened on three occasions The Iséroise team could have opened the scoring but Willy Semedo was reported offside

Powerless offensively, with a public still hostile towards Picardy leaders, Amiens woke up! Stephen Odey, by deflecting a heavy strike from Nicholas Opoku deceived the Grenoblois goalkeeper, to the delight of the Unicorn

And the score has not moved Amiens gleans their second win of the season and temporarily emerges from the crisis by giving themselves some air Oswald Tanchot’s players will go to Sochaux in a week

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W24News – FR – Ligue 2: a victory that feels good for Amiens who wins (1 -0) facing Grenoble

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