W24News – FR – Engie: Catherine MacGregor favorite to lead the energy group

INFO LE FIGARO – The director of Technip is one of the four candidates auditioned for the general management

Since Monday, the members of the nominations committee and the chairmen of the other committees of the board of directors of the Engie group have been hearing the four candidates selected for the post of group CEO

According to corroborating sources, among these four applicants is Catherine MacGregor, currently working at Technip where she was to manage the services subsidiary whose “spin off” and independent listing on the stock market were called into question by the health crisis

The profile of Catherine MacGregor corresponds to the Chinese portrait drawn by several protagonists of the file, starting with the State shareholder whose first requirement was that a woman take the head of Engie, after the disembarkation last February of Isabelle Kocher, who was the only woman at the head of a CAC 40 group Her industrial profile – she has spent most of her career at Schlumberger – also responds to the challenges ahead for Engie, who is undergoing a radical change with the decision to leave

It seems that the only selection criterion for the management position of Engie is the fact that you need at all costs a woman at the head of a CAC40 company The competence ? No, it must be a point of detail !!!

French-style capitalism, the state wants a woman at the head of engie, it doesn’t matter to us, we need the most competent person, that’s allSad future for this country that intelligence seems to flee

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W24News – FR – Engie: Catherine MacGregor favorite to lead the group energetic

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