W24News – Decapitated teacher: LFI calls for rally but provokes outrage

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Reacting to shocking beheading of teacher by terrorist, Insubordinate France MPs called for rally in support However, many Internet users immediately recalled their controversial participation in the march against Islamophobia alongside Islamist organizations a year ago.

“We have to show that this kind of religious terror will not win in France”, deputy for France rebellious Éric Coquerel told Franceinfo, reacting to the attack in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine against a professor having shown caricatures of Muhammad to his students

He called, in the wake, “to the gathering of the people”, which should take place “very quickly”, to face “people who want to sow hatred, in the name of religious fanaticism”

“The people’s response in France is unity,” insisted the leader of the rebels, Jean-Luc Mélenchon

The elected LFI Adrien Quatennens, for his part, underlines in his message that “we can only overcome obscurantism together”

However, commenting on these calls from the rebels, some Internet users recalled a controversial demonstration in which LFI participated in November 2019, namely the march against Islamophobia The call for mobilization was notably launched by the CCIF (Collective against Islamophobia in France), very controversial for its proximity to the Muslim Brotherhood

“He cannot, on the one hand, support them, and the next day organize a rally to denounce this barbarity”, one tweeter said indignantly.

He cannot, on the one hand, support them, and the next day organize a rally to denounce this barbarism The rebels are unconscious who rather than attacking Islamism prefer to attack those who denounce it by shouting Islamophobia🙄

Another went so far as to accuse rebellious France of being ‘schizophrenics’, stoking hatred on one side and claiming they are on the side of the victims on the other

They are completely schizophrenic in rebellious France !! They provoke, stir up hatred and add fuel to the fire They are guilty and complicit in what is happening And then they DARE to pretend they’re on the side of the victims !! We won’t forget

Your driving is disgusting, really! You mess with the worst communitarians to glean votes, you participate in meetings where Islamist slogans are chanted and you give us a verbal logorrhea to try to give you a virginity! Pitiful!

On October 16, Professor Samuel Paty, 47, was beheaded, not far from his college in Bois d’Aulne in Conflans-Sainte-Honorine for showing caricatures of Muhammad during his lectures on secularism and freedom of speech The terrorist, of Chechen origin, was shot dead by police in the nearby town of Eragny-sur-Oise

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W24News – Decapitated teacher: LFI calls for rally but provokes outrage

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