Lewes-based music manager John Briley introduced Tina Turner to his friend Erwin Bach in the mid-1980s The day after their first date in Los Angeles, the star bought her new partner a Mercedes The couple married in 2013 and as her health began to fail, Bach donated his wife a kidney The man who introduced Tina Turner to her second husband has shared his memories of their blossoming romance, following the singer’s death on Thursday. John Briley, from Lewes, East Sussex, was touring with Turner in the mid-1980s when he introduced the pop star to his friend and EMI colleague Erwin Bach in Germany. “You could immediately see the spark between the two of them,” Mr Briley, who is originally from Woodthorpe, Nottinghamshire, told BBC Radio Sussex. Tina Turner and her manager Roger Davies later met Mr Bach and Mr Briley in Los Angeles. The four went out for dinner and Mr Briley recalled asking Turner why she had not bought a boyfriend. According to Mr Briley, Mr Bach – who was 16 years her junior – seized this opportunity to pop the question. The following day Mr Bach received a call at work to tell him they had something for him. Turner moved to Switzerland to live with Mr Bach and they stayed together until her death. They married in 2013 and when her health deteriorated in 2016, Mr Bach donated one of his kidneys to his wife. Follow BBC South East on Facebook, external, on Twitter, external, and on Instagram, external. Send your story ideas to [email protected], external. © 2023 BBC. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. Read about our approach to external linking.