A new color variant of the Pixel Tablet made its way online, but this one isn’t available for purchase. After a lengthy tease, the announcement of the Google Pixel Tablet came and went with Google I/O 2023. And those that were curious about the tablet were left with the option to preorder, with a retail date set for June 20. While Google showcased beautiful colors for the tablet that came in Porcelain, Rose, and Hazel, one notable option that was missing was the Charcoal variant. While Google never officially announced this color, it’s been a staple in many of its other products, and was also mentioned in many rumors and leaks prior to the official announcement. It’s unclear whether this color will arrive sometime in the future or if it’s been left on the cutting floor, but a new leak shows off what it might have looked like. The folks at 9to5Google, showed off this new unreleased color in a render, with the tablet featuring a black bezel surrounding the screen and a light grayish colored back panel. While the official name of the color isn’t known at this point, the news outlet “feels” like Charcoal would come naturally, as the company has used the same color name for its other products. Again, it’s unclear why this color wasn’t announced since the official assets were created for it. But to be honest, in the render, it looks so similar to Hazel, it’s understandable why it wouldn’t make a release. Of course, this could be a color we see in the future. Regardless, the Hazel color variant should satisfy those that want a darker color that’s similar to gray, and it should be close enough. For the most part, it’s nice to get to see a different color, and while it might come out in the future, you can bet that skin manufacturers are already thinking about making a Charcoal one and other interesting colors and patterns that could be applied to the Pixel Tablet to give it a bit more flair. If you’re on the fence about buying it, it might be worth checking out our hands on of the Pixel Tablet. Luckily, you still have plenty of time to think about before its release. Google has re-entered the tablet space after a while, and its all-new Pixel Tablet marks a great start. It features a large 10.95-inch display, the flagship Tensor G2 SoC, two 8MP cameras, and impressive battery life. But the best part is that it comes bundled with a Charging Speaker Dock that converts it into a handy smart display. Timi has been writing about technology for over a decade, focusing on smartphones, computers, and anything else with electricity coursing through its veins. He writes for XDA, covering all things mobile, and occasionally sheds light on some of the best deals on the internet.