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The ‘Lou Williams strip club’ debacle is arguably one of the most entertaining stories to come out of the NBA bubble. Last week, Williams instantly became the talk of the town after he was pictured at Magic City strip where he supposedly went to pick up some chicken wings. Williams was granted permission to exit the bubble in order to attend the funeral of a family member. While the Clippers star likely attended the funeral, his final stop at a strip club before re-entering the bubble was subject to some hilarious reactions from fans on social media. The Clippers star became an overnight meme sensation, and as it appears, the story is not going anywhere for quite some time. 

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Sports analyst Stephen A Smith was on vacation last week when the incident unfolded, which means Smith didn’t get a chance to give his honest reaction to the same. However, Smith was back on the analysis table this week, and quite unsurprisingly, his first agenda was to acknowledge Williams’ visit to the strip club – and it was nothing short of hilarious. 

The 52-year-old laughed maniacally as the analyst panel recalled last week’s strip club saga. Stephen A Smith pointed out the fact that there was no turning back for the Clippers star as he was not only pictured at a strip club, but he did so while donning a COVID-19 mask provided by the NBA. 

“It was just hilarious to me that actually happened. Not only did he leave, but he went to Magic City. And not even you go to Magic City, you take a picture. And then you got people in your camp trying to deny that the picture was current. But you had on the bubble mask that was given to you in Orlando. You just can’t make this stuff up. This was hilarious. It truly was,” Smith said as he tried to contain his laughter. The NBA analyst later shared his reaction on Twitter where he wrote he did not have the chance to laugh about the situation last week.

Since I was on vacation last week, I didn’t have a chance to laugh about the @TeamLou23 situation 😂😂😂

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Lou Williams’ picture at Magic City strip club broke the internet after it was accidentally shared by rapper Jack Harlow on his Instagram story. Harlow added a subtle caption to his post: “A location U would never guess.” While he did take the post down soon after, it was not before fans made the picture viral on social media. Reports indicate Williams will be investigated by the NBA for his actions. 

Kenny Smith clowning Lou Williams on Inside The NBA “He didn’t go in there for the wings, he went for the legs and the thighs”

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