Stella Immanuel busted as a quack COVID-19 doctor

Dr Stella Immanuel has been exposed as a fraud after claiming that the discredited hydroxychloroquine drug is a tested cure for COVID-19.

Immanuel and a group of Trump frontline doctors went to Washington D.C. where Immanuel gave an impassioned speech testifying that the drug is efficacious.

She claimed she had treated 350 patients in her clinic also called all doubters scientific fraud.

But that is what she is being called, as a torrent of reactions followed her testimony.

One commenter wondered how she became a COVID-19 doctor when she is licensed to be a pediatrician.

In one of the reactions to her video statement, she was linked to a fraudulent multi-level marketing VoIP phone scam 5 linx. She claimed then to be a millionaire in her promotion of the scam. The owners of 5 linx were indicted and sent to prison.

Meanwhile, Facebook has blocked her account and Youtube has also blocked the video as it violates its rules.

You are a fraud and a phony. The lord Jesus is going to have the final word about your efforts to get ppl killed

She’s a fraud, the video is dangerous misinformation and utter garbage. FB, Youtube and Twitter have pulled it down.

I realize the damage is already done, but at least Facebook finally came to its senses and took this fraud’s video down.

This lady is a complete fraud. A quick google will show you she’s only licensed as a PEDIATRICIAN. How does she have patients she’s treating with hydrochloriquin sitting in her office saying they can’t breathe? I doubt if she’s trying this questionable med on children. #Scam

Dr Stella Immanuel, the latest quack promoting #Hydroxychloroquine, is also a preacher who believes in witchcraft, soul hunters, incubi and succubi.She’s a few bricks short of a load.

For those of you praising her, do a little research. Breitbart was behind that news conference. Google her name along with Fire Power Ministries. I prefer my doctor to believe in science, not witchcraft. #fraud

Not a Minister, “fake” doctor, and pediatrician which are these fools. Stella immanuel is a fraud who just wants a platform to push her whack religious beliefs

You are a “doctor” yet you don’t know the differences betw. case reports, case studies, & clinical studies. Citing this as a study that proves HCQ cures COVID-19 is actually really dangerous. I hope you & every one of those bullshit white coats get sued and/or arrested for fraud.

@stella_immanuel I MUST INTERVIEW YOU. Thank you for your brilliant, uncompromising, and heroic stance. You are a national treasure. Thank you!

Thank you for standing up against the chaos & being so brave!! May God bless you and keep you in His perfect peace. God wins🙏

They came to Washington from distant lands with with overalls and no face masks. What story does this tell? PR STUNT. The same as their principal, DJ Trump, who used the army to clear demonstrators in order to appear in front of Lafayette Square Church with a Bible in hand. Shameless people!

Probably Stella Emmanuel may become another Joseph Agbalaka. One should learn never to speak up facts which contradict orthodoxy. Otherwise, you are permanently maimed. I mean facts which do not favour orthodox tradition; yes, forbidden facts! On the other hand, a cracker must be smart enough by co-opting orthodox bylines if you must be accepted. How dare you claim to do what members of your profession find impossible and say it is impractical!. This sounds esoteric.


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