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Darryn Wellstead, who researches social media and misinformation and teaches sociology at Northern Lights College in Fort St. John, B.C., says social media covers a multitude of theories, including how climate change is a hoax used to destroy the oil and gas industry and how the government uses wildfires as a scare tactic to force people into 15-minute citie 3M has unveiled its new medical adhesive that can stick to the skin for up to 28 days. It’s intended for use with a wide array of health monitors. It is the first of its genus to be found in Thailand in over 100 years, researchers said. Discover a world of exciting games, from heart-pumping action to brain-teasing puzzles. Get the latest versions of the top games in 2023. TORONTO — Ontario is rolling out an energy conservation program that will pay residents with smart thermostats to lower their air conditioning during certain periods in the summer. Residential customers who sign up for the Peak Perks program will receive a $75 prepaid credit card in exchange for giving their smart thermostat manufacturer secure access to the device. There would be up to 10 times during peak periods of electricity consumption between June and September during which their thermost LOXAHATCHEE, Fla. (AP) — The 24 bright green baby parrots began chirping and bobbing their heads the second anyone neared the large cages that have been their homes since hatching in March. The Central American natives, seized from a smuggler at Miami International Airport, are being raised by the Rare Species Conservatory Foundation — a round-the-clock effort that includes five hand feedings a day in a room filled with large cages. At just 9 weeks old, these parrots have already survived a harr Looking for the perfect Disney pictures? Pictures the magic of Disney and discover for Disney lovers of all ages—from Grown-ups to adults,… AVON, Conn. (AP) — A hungry black bear barged into the garage of a Connecticut bakery, scared several employees and helped itself to 60 cupcakes before ambling away. Workers at Taste by Spellbound in the town of Avon were loading cakes into a van for delivery on Wednesday when the bear showed up. There are between 1,000 and 1,200 black bears living in Connecticut, the state environmental agency says, with sightings last year in 158 of the state’s 169 towns and cities. Bakery owner Miriam Stephen After hearing a knock on her door late at night, one Florida woman was shocked to see a gator on her doorstep. Join us for our quality education. Start your studies in architecture and design and gain the industry contacts you need to graduate career ready. As the water lapped against ruined appliances in Ihor Medunov’s kitchen, he recalled the dozens of birthdays he has marked in his Ukrainian riverside village, most of which is under several feet of water. Officials and residents of the island community say the village in the southeastern Zaporizhzhia region blame the flooding on Russia’s occupation of the Nova Kakhovka dam that lies 100 miles (160 km) downstream on the River Dnipro. He told Reuters that the water level started rising sharply over a month ago, sometimes by up to 30 centimetres (one foot) a day, and had remained elevated since. “It looks calm but this little fella had a Colorado Springs neighborhood in a tizzy Wednesday by running around all day without its sow in sight.” ​ Get the lightest roadbike & mountainbike components from a specialized German bike store | worldwide shipping | competetive prices The bear finally fell from the tree after being tranquilized — right into the waiting tarp being held below it. A US student has lost a foot after being attacked by a shark while snorkelling in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The tiger conservation efforts in Asia have been so successful that they had an unintended — and equally beneficial — consequence of preventing further some greenhouse gas emissions from entering the atmosphere, a new study finds. Enhanced protection of Indian forests for tiger conservation has prevented 1 million metric tons of carbon emissions as a result of averted forest loss, according to a paper published Thursday in Nature Ecology & Evolution. When the Indian National Tiger Conservation Authority was established in 2005 to rehabilitate the country’s dwindling tiger population, many of the tiger reserves were designated in the subsequent years, with the most recent ones being established in 2022, according to the researchers.