Ronaldo celebrates winning Serie A by splashing £5.5m on amazing yacht

Published: 08:27 BST, 30 July 2020 | Updated: 09:24 BST, 30 July 2020

Cristiano Ronaldo toasted yet another title triumph by purchasing a new luxurious yacht worth £5.5million following Juventus’ Serie A success.

The Portuguese star played an instrumental role in Juventus winning their ninth successive Scudetto and treated himself by splashing out on a 27-metre long yacht.

Stunning pictures posted by Ronaldo gave a glimpse of the lavish boat where he will celebrate winning his seventh league title of his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo poses with his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez (third from left) and his four children Cristiano Jr, 10 (left), Mateo, 3 (on Cristiano Jr’s lap), Alana Martina, 2 (on Rodriguez’s lap) and Eva Maria, 3 (on Ronaldo’s lap)

Rodriguez posed for pictures in a bikini on board the yacht as they set sail on it for the first time

Ronaldo handpicked the stunning vessel after falling in love with it at the Azimut-Benetti shipyards in Viareggio and bought it with plans to spend the summer holidays with his family in style.

The deluxe customized yacht features five cabins, six bathrooms, two relaxation areas, a large lounge, a dining room, a contemporary kitchen and full-height windows offering breath-taking panoramic views of the sea.

Ronaldo set sail on his new £5.5m yacht for the first time along the coasts of Celle Ligure last week with his partner Georgina Rodriguez sharing pictures of them and their family enjoying their time out at sea.

Living the high life! Ronaldo tucks in to a extravagant lunch in the dining room on board

Ronaldo even enjoyed a quick dip in the sea during his trip out along the coasts of Celle Ligure

Rodriguez shared a sweet family picture of them relaxing in one of the bedrooms on board

Ronaldo posed for snaps alongside girlfriend Rodríguez and his four children, Cristiano Jr, 10, Mateo, 3, Alana Martina, 2, and Eva Maria, 3, on the yacht and posted them on his Instagram alongside some others showing off his latest big-money purchase.

Until last year the 34-year-old, who pockets an eye-watering £28m-a-year in wages at Juventus, used to rent the Africa I yacht from a charter company but now has one of his very own.

Superstar Ronaldo has scored an astonishing 31 goals in 33 league games for Juventus this season.

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