Published: 13:29 BST, 25 May 2023 | Updated: 15:12 BST, 25 May 2023 Jose Mourinho has claimed Tottenham are the only team in his career that he doesn’t ‘have a close bond’ with. The north London side suffered a huge blow in their search for a new first-team manager on Thursday after Feyenoord boss Arne Slot ruled himself out the running. The news came just five days after their embarrassing 3-1 home defeat to Brentford, which ended their hopes of qualifying for the Europa League. And now, as if their future managerial concerns weren’t enough, one of their former coaches has voiced his displeasure with his experience at the club.  At a press conference for their Europa League final against Sevilla, Roma boss Mourinho admitted that Spurs were the only club he failed to maintain a good relationship with after leaving. Mourinho often cut a frustrated figure during his 17 months at Spurs and has opened up on why the relationship broke down According to Gianluca Di Marzio, the Portuguese coach was asked about his Roma future and replied: ‘I have established a great bond with all the clubs I have coached. They make fun of me when I say I am a fan of Real, Inter and Roma. ‘When I leave the Giallorossi it will be tough. The only team I don’t have this relationship with is Tottenham. ‘I hope that my words will not be misinterpreted by Tottenham fans but that is the only club with which I do not have a close bond.  ‘Probably because the stadium was empty at the time of Covid and because President Levy didn’t give too much.’ Mourinho’s stint at Spurs came to a dramatic end in April 2021, just days before they were scheduled to play the Carabao Cup final against Man City. It was a decision that raised eyebrows with supporters, given Mourinho’s impressive record in cup finals and Spurs’ ongoing search for silverware.  Spurs, led by interim boss Ryan Mason, lost 1-0 to Pep Guardiola’s City 1-0 in the final.  Mourinho has since gone on to enjoy success with Roma, including winning the inaugural Europa Conference League last season.  The former Man United and Chelsea boss has secured a place in this year’s Europa League final for the Italian outfit, who will face Sevilla on Saturday.  Perhaps if he’d been able to produce such results during his stint in north London, then he would never have been dismissed from his position. Mourinho, infamously, was the man in charge as Spurs blew a 2-0 first-leg lead against Dinamo Zagreb – who’s manager had been in jail at the time.  A hat-trick from Mislav Oršić – who now plays for Southampton – stunned the north London side and sent them out of the competition, just weeks before his sacking.  Tottenham is the only club Mourinho has failed to win a trophy with of his recent sides. He won his third Premier League title with Chelsea after returning to Stamford Bridge following successful spells with Real Madrid and Inter Milan. 
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