The House of Representatives has asked the tertiary institutions in Nigeria to accept the students affected by the Sudan crisis. It would be recalled that the civil war in Sudan has led to the evacuation of thousands of Nigerian students from the country. While moving the motion, Soli said the crisis led to the disruption of the educational activities of the students. He stated that there is a “need for swift intervention by the Federal Government through absorbing the students into tertiary institutions in the country to enable them continue with their various educational programmes.” Soli also called on the federal government to grant waivers to universities to take more law and medical students. He noted that the same thing was done for returnees from Ukraine, therefore, the same should be done for Sudan returnees. There is a “need for the Federal Government to consider the quota systems imposed on certain courses such as law and medicine and waive them for the students concerned to enable them continue with their programs pending the resolution of the Sudan crisis,” he said.