OKC Thunder: NBA season restart begins tonight

OKC Thunder: Steven Adams #12 guards Rudy Gobert #27 of the Utah Jazz during an opening night game (Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

The OKC Thunder completed their scrimmage sessions joining the New Orleans Pelicans as the only unbeaten clubs through this preseason like stage.

Now, they shift to the next phase in the process which begins today as the league resumes the season with matches that will count toward the regular season win-loss records.

TNT will feature two matches to relaunch the season with the New Orleans Pelicans and Utah Jazz up first at 6:30 pm EST followed by the Lakers and Clippers at 9 pm EST.

The Thunder will begin their series of eight games on Saturday in an early contest against the Utah Jazz. Arguably, no match is more indicative of how far the NBA has come in their endeavor to finish the season and crown a champion. That particular game will complete the game that was postponed on March 11th.

Almost four months have passed since that night. The game that was postponed and earmarks the night sports ended will finally be played. Each of the major sports is either on their way to returning, back, or in the process of starting again. Meanwhile, Major League Baseball and the Miami Marlins remind how easily best-laid plans can fail.

The NBA however has seemingly taken the best approach and tonight the process to determine playoff seeds and complete the season begins in earnest. In some ways it feels like the OKC Thunder – Jazz contest  Saturday will perhaps prove somewhat cathartic for everyone involved.

Life is still far from normal, but for a few hours, we’ll have the opportunity to focus on something that reminds us all of a time before this virus changed our lives.

I’m certainly not taking away from the seriousness of what everyone is living with. All I know is sports for many of us offer an escape and even the scrimmages have provided that opportunity for a few hours at a time.

Each of the players has sacrificed living without their families to bring us the games and entertain us.  I’m thankful for the OKC Thunder and other NBA players who are bringing us these games.  Here’s hoping the bubble experiment remains intact and the season can be completed with a 2020 champion crowned.

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