Footage shared on TikTok of John Brodie coaxing Doris has amassed 1.5 million views on social media
A dairy cow on the Isle of Wight has become an internet sensation for “pretending” to be asleep at milking time.  Doris, who is part of a herd of 200 cows, has amassed 1.5 million views on social media and was even featured on a US news programme. The TikTok video shows farmhand John Brodie trying to coax the now famous Friesian outside on a cold March morning, but she refuses to stand up, instead resting her head on the ground.  Mr Brodie says the footage, which he filmed at Reads Farm near Newport, demonstrated how the bovine was “more person than cow”. In the video, John can be heard saying: “Everyone’s out getting ready milking, except for Doris. In another video shared online the farmer can be heard saying: “You’re a mischief maker, will you leave my coffee alone please?”  “Laura thought it was funny and put it on TikTok – I didn’t even know about it,” he said. However the incident was noticed by Radio One DJ Greg James, who played the audio on his show the following day.  One commenter wrote “I identify as Doris”, while another claimed the cow as their own “spirit animal”. “Doris has got a fantastic personality. She is definitely more person than cow”, said Mr Brodie.  “She put her head back down thinking she was gonna get away with it just to push her luck and be cheeky,” he added.