Somewhere in Heaven or something else, all the Higher Powers and their partners got together for a disastrous conference to discuss whether we should dummies Earth a little bit of bone in 2020 Jesus, Buddha, God and your sober friend goddess / Nature / Sky Daddy hybridized it for 79 hours straight. Some think a touch of hope could lead things in a better direction. Others think humans made their bed and deserved every second of lying in those sweaty sheets Finally, Joseph Smith’s caffeine ghost was always like, “I’m exhausted. I disagree with any of this, but Vine can all get my swing vote as long as I get a ‘Friend Of’ and at least four-episode storyline rating. ”However, the sky parted, and The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City slid into its icy position A little bit to your favorite Bravo live streaming platform

And the good thing is a gift at all. We’re diving right in with a roaring reel of what’s to come – Andy Cohen doesn’t want you to think for a second that this might be a nap. Salt Lake City, Utah’s most revered housewives came to play. With drones and actual shots, mountains and palaces, and at least four different choruses in the tent, it’s a damn mess and with that level of noise looming, let’s get to work, because this episode took 55 minutes without commercials, so the business is plentiful.

We start with a trip to Shah Chalet to meet the first Pacific Islander housewife and first Muslim housewife, Jane, who grew up in Mormon but decided to convert to Islam after realizing that the Mormon Church did not accept blacks until 1970 – something she might look forward to her husband And her kids, it might have been the move because the aforementioned husband (sheriff, soccer coach) and the kids (young Omar and Rifi, in Dwayne Johnson’s best costume) look like absolute pleasure all ate a Costco pie and a bowl of egg whites while Jane provides inaccurate information about reality about a virus. HIV Fortunately, Omar and Rifi know what’s going on and also looks like they were early comedian timing experts.

We quickly got into a 15-minute botox parking spot at the Beauty Lab & Laser, and Heather Gay was built into a $ 20 million empire even though it didn’t start from anything I’d love to see these receipts for “nothing “, Since Heather is a purebred, purebred, and pioneer of the Mormons who were previously married to the grandson of driver Howard Hughes and his followers put her away in my brain drawer with all the other evidence that class hopping is pretty much a myth the next time I find myself. Dreaming about an American merit Either way, Heather treats her three daughters “fat monkey” (her words, not mine! I couldn’t write anything meaning if I tried) on facial treatments, then proceeds to tell us that she loves “rap music and black men and homosexuals” who They don’t ally with “a good Mormon woman” There is a lot to empty my bag here, but I’ll leave the bag in the lobby for now because we have more ladies to meet!

Meredith is not a Mormon and she lives in Park City, which makes you feel like Miss her intro packet is frankly useless as she is immediately conceited by her 21-year-old son Brooks, who currently lives at home so he can work Meredith’s makeup and testimonial show from Karen Hugger’s one-person school Meredith’s husband, Seth, spends most of his time in Chicago, claiming to be totally devoid of kindness as a Chicago resident, this is an outright lie, and it would be very helpful for everyone to redirect their anger in Chicago to Our common enemy, Ram Emmanuel Whatever it is, I’m at least 62 percent sure Meredith’s husband has a secret family.

It’s morning at Barlow’s and Meredith’s house Wait a second even though he is indistinguishable to the naked eye, this is actually Lisa, “a Jew by heritage, Mormon by choice.” Princess Tequila is wandering around her children’s rooms to wake them up, and her voice is the audio version of that image of Lindsay Lohan unconscious in a gray sweater Henry toddler With a sign above his bed that says “HUSTLE (v) – The Most Important Word Ever,” and Jack is a younger child whose sign reads “GRIT (n) – Hustle, Passion, and Perseverance” Are these kids dressed in school clothes or are they fit and intimidated to recruit potential clients for Young Living aromatic oils?

It doesn’t matter, because we suddenly fell head-on at the fairytale Mormon wedding that Whitney has wanted since she was a little girl! Or at least that’s what our editors wanted us to think about, but we’re seasoned bravo viewers who can tell the difference between a wedding and a vow renewal based solely on the invitation line and one square of table linen. Whitney, Heather’s cousin, originally married Justin, 18 A decade ago, when she was pregnant after a hot affair that led to their being deprived of church, I know, I know there’s a lot going on here, but let’s just focus on Whitney’s father (who looks like Big Bird if Big Bird joined Good Charlotte Cover and then appeared on Episode of interference), where he proudly cheers his vow’s regenerating daughter spinning around the stripper pole in her incredible living room

Since this episode needed some semblance of plot, Jen turned to Beauty Lab and Laser for armpit botox and a quick meeting with Heather to plan Meredith’s birthday party they agree turning Shah Chalet into Studio 54 with hot male strippers is definitely what she wants Ice Queen Meredith! Additionally, Jen has enough assistants to fill the strings section of the orchestra; For Senior Aide Stuart, pulling this off in Four Days would be a game for kids compared to maintaining the Shah’s menstrual calendar.

Meanwhile, in Park City, Lisa and Jane move into Meredith’s house so Lisa can tell everyone she doesn’t remember Heather from college This is immediately contradicted by Lisa saying Heather was a party girl who ignored the BYU honor code by walking around In the city a flash It’s proactively exhausting – either you remember someone and have the power to talk about a college personality or you don’t remember it and that’s the end of that, Barlow, you can’t get it both ways!

Finally, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. Mary, Hermes’ sequin-encrusted scarf, graces our screens to order crab cakes and explains how she got married 20 years before her husband so that she could inherit her family’s Pentecostal church though, the whole thing with Grandpa’s husband is nothing Surprisingly logical, because it followed him immediately we discovered that she probably didn’t get an invitation to Jane’s party for Meredith because she “talked about her really badly, asking how bad that could be? Oh, just that she told Jane that she“ smelled like a hospital ”right after That Jane visited her aunt in an actual hospital after Yikes had her legs amputated.

It’s a tough time – party time, everyone spreads out physically and mentally Jane throws all her furniture and builds an outdoor tunnel Heather, newly armed with a Lisa snub, prepares for battle Mary picks Valentino’s runway look because somehow she’s still attending light up Brooks 300 tea lamps, so Meredith could be surprised by the floral arrangement that Seth has arranged, which is actually what happens when your cat enters a Costco-sized box of Rice Chex and spreads all over the house except for rose petals, you can’t even vacuum it if nothing Else, this Christmas surprise is just an extra clue to Seth’s secret family.

Party bang, or at least whatever you want to call it “People mingle awkwardly in front of the flower-covered Chalet Shah, while the shirtless brothers with tribal tattoos present them with crunchy meatballs on a stick” Lisa swings around to look like a Disney villain, offers People have mock compliments and tries to avoid Heather showing Meredith’s birthday party, but nobody really cares, because Jin still has to go big with a group of Tongan dancers in case she forgot that this whole event wasn’t all about her

To really create chaos, Mary and Jane decide to rework the hospital situation We discover that Mary has her dark memories of 12 surgeries to remove the odor gland, during which she died and came back to life twice She refused to apologize, then said it was not her fault that Aunt Jane lost her legs: “She didn’t eat right like drinking water.” Jane steps out, dressed as a Bratz doll and flashes through our newly blessed vision

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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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