‘ The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City ‘are Rich She’s Beautiful They strive for perfection and kept telling us in the first episode, they are a’ elite social group ”

Bravo’s latest incarnation of the “Housewives” series began Wednesday night, and began as an ad for Utah, glorifying “gorgeous mountains and world-class ski slopes”

But most of the 75-minute premiere was dedicated to introducing the six cast members and leaving at least two fights out of the bag Here’s what happened:

We go home with Jin Shah – to her huge house – and meet her husband Yu, assistant football coach Sherif Shah, and her two sons

Jane says she moved to Utah from Hawaii when she was six or seven years old, and that she “Tonga and Hawaii and a little bit Chinese, but people in Utah have no idea what I’m like now in Utah, I’m black because they don’t know better Than that “

After five years of marriage, I suggested to Sharif (who is a Muslim) that he convert to Mormonism. He said, ‘Are you kidding me? They did not accept blacks in the Mormon Church until 1970, for example, “This is when I began to question” about her religious affiliation, and decided that she was not aligned with “a religion that does not accept my husband and children.”

When the sheriff of the son tells Jane that his younger brother, Omar, has a girlfriend, he tells Jane that he can contract herpes and “maybe AIDS” from kissing a girl

Sheriff’s father and boys retract that incorrect information completely and then jane passes over.

“Do you know what is meant by sexting?” Jane tells Omar, “If someone sends you a sexting, block it then come and tell me”

Heather Jay, who moved to Utah when she was fifteen years old, says, “Mormon culture believes that we can be idealists. Perfection can be obtained. That’s why Beauty Lab & Laser has opened the majority of its clients either from Mormons or with a“ Mormon background. ”

“It’s like putting your hand in a river of money, because having perfection is a Mormons’ hobby,” says Heather.

A descendant of the pioneers – “the Mormon purebred, the purebred, the pioneer Mormon” – she married the “Mormon Kings”, but she and her rich ex-husband separated five years ago, making her a single mother of three girls

“In my personal experience, a good Mormon does not drink, does not smoke, does not have sex, does not swear,” says Heather, “I have tried not to drink, smoke, I swear.”

“Being a Jew and from Chicago, I was afraid to take this step,” she says, “Utah has a certain basic level of kindness, at least in the front, which you get. You won’t get that in Chicago.”

She lives full time in Park City to run her jewelry business, and soon the names of some of her famous clients – Charlize Theron, Scarlett Johansson, Rihanna – but her husband, Seth, mainly lives in Chicago to run his business

“You can never have enough wealth, and you cannot have enough sex,” says Seth. “Maybe I’m much better on the wealth side I’m totally exhausted and lack of sex”

Lisa Barlow from New York says she is “Jewish by heritage, Mormon by choice.” She and her 16-year-old husband John own a number of companies, including several alcohol producers, such as VIDA Tequila

“I am sure other Mormons do care that I own a tequila company; it says,” The point is that I am not.

And Barlows, “They are not traditional parents. I don’t cook. I don’t make breakfast for them in the morning. I think we’ve sat at the dinner table 10 times throughout our lives”

Jane wants to book the “hot male striptease” for Meredith’s birthday party, though neither she nor Heather believes Meredith will actually want sexy male strippers at her birthday party

When we meet Whitney Rose, she is renewing her vows with her 10-year-old husband, Justin, who is 18 years older than he is clearly spending a lot of money on this event, which, we are told, is very different from their wedding First

“When I got married, Justin, I was five months pregnant, and I was in high school prom dress, standing in front of about 50 people who didn’t want us to be together,” says Whitney.

This is not surprising, given that they were both Mormons (they have since been denied) and were both married to someone else when their “office romance” began

Whitney says she came “from a long lineage of Mormonism,” claiming that her “fourth grandfather” was a bodyguard for Joseph Smith and Brigham Young.

Jane plans a party for Meredith’s birthday and will do her best, which makes it a mega event and annoys the people who work for her

And when she told Meredith and Lisa that it would be “just a small cocktail party for girls”, they burst out laughing because they knew she was lying

Jane’s house – the shah’s chalet – has been altered, Heather says, “This is not a party, it’s an inauguration”

“I would never get into a big party I throw at someone else,” says Lisa, “It should be around the person you’re throwing the party for”

And Jin reserved the Tongan dancers who “have nothing to do with Meredith really have everything to do with me”

“Yes, it’s my birthday,” says Meredith “But the truth is – I knew this wasn’t a party for me”

Heather tells Jane that she and Lisa were friends when they both went to Brigham Young University. She told Lisa Jane, “I don’t remember her” – then goes on to imply that Heather was a “fun” girl who violated the school honor code, which bans alcohol and coffee, and restricts contact between Male and female students, enforces a strict dress code and other rules

“Saying that she doesn’t remember me from college is just a weird thing lying about,” Heather says. “It’s dis, and she does it because __ an hour.” She also says it’s a “complete lie” that she was a BYU party girl, adding that she She was a virgin when she got married.

And then, at the party, Heather is convinced that Lisa has stunned her, says Heather, “I just want to hold her accountable for saying, ‘You are like a sister to me.'”

Whitney says Mary Cosby “doesn’t have a filter” and that she is “cool, always dressing great”

“Everyone in Salt Lake City knows the story of Mary and her husband,” says Whitney.

Well maybe everyone in her social circle but this story didn’t seem to explode in Utah until the announcement of the “RHOSLC” team was announced by Mary herself describing it as “a kind of arranged marriage that was kind of in my grandmother’s will to get married.” p>

The two have been married for 21 years. “We are lucky to this day because of that”

Mary and her husband Bobby together run the Faith Temple Pentecostal Church in Salt Lake City; Mary is the “first lady” of the church, which they inherited from her grandmother.

“I don’t give any indication if it’s your biological grandfather, your wife – she’s a stranger,” says Jane

“I love my grandparents, but I don’t want to marry them,” says Heather. “And I’m a Mormon, and we have a lot of latitude for a lot of weird things”

Mary and Jane used to be close, but then Jane came straight from visiting her aunt in the hospital – and when Jane hugged Mary, Mary had to struggle not to vomit due to the “hospital odor” on Jane

Jane was so offended by this, and by Mary’s lack of sympathy with the fact that her aunt had to have her legs amputated

“Take responsibility for your words and actions and apologize to me,” Jin says, “but she can’t do that”

Later, at the party, Mary denied any of this happened, but a third woman confirms Jane’s account of events and Mary’s lack of sympathy is startlingly by the church leader

“I don’t know what you want me to do about your aunt – he lost her legs,” Mary said in a later interview, “Why do you cut your legs at 60? That means your diet is bad”

Seth makes a nod for Meredith’s birthday – lots of roses – but he stays in Chicago and doesn’t come to Utah for this event

Wednesday episode 2 BRAVO-8 AM on Dish and DirecTV; 11 fast on Comcast

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

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