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According to the latest reports from the government, about 82,900 people are still displaced in the counties affected by Cyclone Rowley, of whom 38,600 are in 481 evacuation centers while 44,300 services are provided outside official shelters. At least 25 people were killed and more than injured. 390 were injured while six people are still missing in the aftermath of the typhoon, according to the government

While the affected areas continued to suffer from the consequences of Hurricane Goni and three previous hurricanes in October, another powerful hurricane further hampered response efforts and caused further damage. Hurricane FAMCO / Ulysses hit the main island of Luzon on November 11-12, causing further damage. In damaging winds and inundating a large area, causing widespread flooding in many areas, including Metro Manila, leading to further displacement and increasing hardships from the vulnerable, the torrential rains have affected Bicol counties with flooding incidents reported in 37 municipalities Catanduanes, the province worst hit by Hurricane Goni, was hit by floods and landslides and the county governor regrets that response efforts are back to zero as home repairs and makeshift shelters have been destroyed again.

Rooftop floods inundated tens of thousands of homes in the lower suburbs of the national capital, and trapped residents on their rooftops awaiting rescue in the city of Marikina. The mayor reported that 40,000 homes were partially or completely submerged, and all 47 evacuation centers The city is full, with some evacuees seeking temporary shelter in nearby homes At least 13 people were killed, 20 injured, and 15 missing, and the rains caused severe turbidity in the water at the Ibo Dam in Bulacan, which led to an interruption of service as the concessionaire reduced production in the water treatment plants. In addition, nearly two million families were cut off from electricity as strong winds knocked down power lines

The latest information on the impact of Hurricane Rowley indicates 41,200 homes were destroyed while 141,100 suffered minor and severe damage In addition, 67 health facilities and thousands of schools suffered structural damage. The government estimates that the damage to infrastructure amounts to more than 260 million. The Ministry of Agriculture reported that the successive hurricanes resulted in losses of $ 156 million in rice, corn, high-value crops, fisheries, livestock, equipment and facilities. In Catanduanes, the governor stated that the county would lose $ 3 million in monthly income from its main commodity, abaca fiber, due to damage to farms. Other industries such as fishing, rice and coconut farming have also been severely affected, thus people have lost their main and alternative livelihoods.

Joint Rapid Needs Assessments were conducted between the government and HCT from 3 to 9 November in the two hardest-hit provinces of Catanduanes and Alpay. Teams identified priority needs in the sectors of water, sanitation and hygiene, emergency shelter, food assistance, and ways Livelihood, protection The affected people also expressed their intention to return as soon as possible and demanded support for shelter materials to rebuild their homes. Local authorities requested additional food and medicine packages as supplies are reported to be running out. Concerns about the influx of people from abroad have been raised because it could put the population – tired and hungry – at risk of infection. With infectious diseases, while cases of gender-based violence have not been reported, protection partners have highlighted the urgent need to separate sleeping arrangements in evacuation centers, where different families sleep together, and this increases the risk of abuse.

Local authorities have preemptively evacuated at least 196,000 people in the affected areas, adding to the current displacement caused by Cyclone Goni. Local authorities in cyclone-hit Catanduanes also ordered the forced evacuation of coastal communities

In a televised speech, the President emphasized that the government is leading efforts to respond to Hurricane FAMCO, directing local governments and response agencies to prioritize the well-being and safety of those affected. Around 363 search and rescue teams have been deployed with up to eight members – from the military, police, coast guard, the Philippine Red Cross and groups Special – to support rescue operations in Metro Manila, Cavite and Rizal provinces.

Meanwhile, for the response to Hurricane Gony, which is expanding its reach, the NDRRMC continues to expand relief packages to affected communities with a total aid value now of $ 2 million DSWD has provided more than 58,000 family food packages, 1,000 hygiene kits, and 2,000 kits A kitchen and 100,000 face masks to the Bicol region. The Budget and Administration Department also confirmed the replenishment of the rapid response funds in the Ministry of Social Welfare and Development in order to continue providing assistance to those affected. Beneficiaries of the conditional cash transfer program will also receive full grants for several months and will be exempt from complying with the conditions for the time being

The Ministry of Agriculture revealed $ 12.2 million to 32,000 affected farmers in the Bicol region whose crops have been damaged will be provided through the Crop Insurance Company as a compensation fund, as the insured farmers and fishermen will receive claims ranging from $ 200 to $ 200. $ 300 for damaged crops, agricultural equipment, boats and fishing equipment.





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