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England will play at home to the Republic of Ireland tonight as the Three Lions prepare for their UEFA European Nations League exploits before the end of this week.

Borussia Dortmund teenager Jude Bellingham may be out of tonight, after being picked by Gareth Southgate earlier this week

It’s too narrow an angle to be shot, so he pulls it back, but there are no blue shirts to the right of the box to greet that

Villa man pulls the trigger and releases it low, but is off the left post!

45 James gives the ball away, deep in half of Ireland, but the boys at Green take advantage of it and quickly move it to the left wing

The Winks struggle to keep up with Kristi, but his pass to O’Dowda is weak and picks up by England

43 Bellingham prepares on the wings – will the 17-year-old make his debut for England this evening?

42 O’Shea tries to stop Calvert-Lewin by stepping into the lunge and taking a free kick in the process

39 Bob takes out to salute Hendrick’s cross that has been sent deep into the box.

1999 – Jadon Sancho is the first player to score for England at Wembley while playing for a non-English team since Steve McManaman against Luxembourg at the September 1999 #ENGIRL Gala

36 Great Ball from Greelish captures Sancho at the top of the square to the right

Sancho pushes the ball diagonally across the penalty area and tries to shoot from the left again, but this time Daffy’s shot was blocked and went out into a corner.

36 Racy opening third at Wembley, which could have been so much better with an entire crowd!

While Ireland appeared more threatening in the first few minutes, England responded quickly and now appears firmly in control

31 Sancho was bothering himself in the box and it paid off!

Grealish breaks through Sancho to the left of the penalty area as the Dortmund man pushes the ball to his left to level the defense, before quickly retracting to his right

Shoot it low between Hendrik’s legs and send the ball to the bottom right corner

The cool first touch from the front escapes the leg of his outstretched hands, but Sancho is ultimately sent off on the left outside the box.

26 Mount takes another corner of England and delivers it to the center of the box.

Maguire is about to greet, over Daffy, but his head is tilted with Randolph’s toes.

25 Greelish is running decent on the right and picks James over to overlap

The Chelsea man retreats to Calvert Lewin but takes too long at the ball and Duffy blocks his shot

Players move the ball down the left nicely, as Saka sends it into the penalty area – his cross is cleared

Presses it back for Mount, who shoots it hard from the edge of the area, and Daffy blocks it

Mount hits the ball inside, but Ireland shoots it outside the penalty area – the ball lands on Winks

The Tottenham man crosses the ball into the six-yard zone as Maguire leads it down the net

Unfortunately for the Arsenal man, the Ireland goalkeeper fell to the ground, stabilizing himself and blocking Saka’s shot

15 Calvert Lewin puts heavy pressure on Randolph as he hits the goal, blows his whistle and sends England back

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