The estimated wealth of Mike Garlick – with the Burnley owner being ranked Rich in the Premier League

This is where Burnley, Aston Villa and West Brom will end up in the Premier League – according to data experts

The 28-year-old stands behind former Claret center-back Michael Kane, with longtime teammate Jeff Hendrick, now with Newcastle United, starting in Ireland, with Robbie Brady and Kevin Long on the bench

Bob started the 3-0 friendly match against Wales last month and got another opportunity to impress him, despite his acceptance of Jordan Pickford remaining in first place.

Beckford started everything except for one game with England since the match since proving himself before the 2018 World Cup, with Bob winning another clean sheet in a 4–0 win in the Euro 2020 qualifiers in Kosovo last November

The Pope said Wednesday night: “I think it is fair to say that he is number one at the moment

“If you look at the last 25 or 30 games, he probably has probably played 28 of them so the person with that kind of record in the national team, I think, deserves to be called number one and he has got it


“So, I think it’s fair to say it’s number one at the moment, and I’m not saying that doesn’t change when the time is right

“For a goalkeeper, you have to keep working – as any player does – earn your right to be on the team and fight hard to make your way onto the team”

Bob succeeded in achieving 15 clean games with Burnley last season, only to be outdone by Ederson, the Manchester City striker, with 16 times, and he has yet to relinquish the Three Lions, although he was not greatly upset in any of his four matches, Other than a good pause from Welsh player Kiefer Moore last month, and he said: “I think I did really well for England in those three matches

“No goals are always a big bonus for a goalkeeper and you can’t ask for more – but I don’t think I’ve been over-tested in all matches either, so I don’t think I’m walking around thinking I’m the best goalkeeper in the world”

But he feels he can add to his game and pushes Pickford, and asks what he needs to improve, he added: “A little bit of everything to be honest

“When you are ranked second or third in the ranking, what you aspire to is to climb the positions. This is what looks like a goalkeeper and most of the positions

“The goalkeepers are getting more attention for this kind of thing. You have to be consistent with Burnley and England. This is an opportunity for me to play for England players in the England team

“It’s important to play well in those matches as Jordan did with England for a few years. It was the top drawer”

Bob appears to be nailed for a place in the European Championship squad, with England ready to play most of their matches at Wembley, but he doesn’t take anything for granted: “There is pressure on every position in the team because there is competition in every position and every player. In this team he did not participate in this team will be seen this summer as a domestic championship and a huge opportunity to participate in a huge event

“It is a live opportunity for us once, it is an opportunity that will be repeated in a lifetime. The players in the locker room here, and I know who are outside the team too, will do everything they can to form the final team.” The opportunity is something that will not come again to anyone “

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