Daily soap operas again dependent on the news On France 2, “Un si grand soleil” returned to the air on Monday after being deprogrammed for ten days in favor of an extended version of the “20 Hours” This Thursday, it is on TF1 this time that the programming will be upset The channel will switch to a special edition from 5.30 p.m. to follow Jean Castex’s press conference on the health crisis.

As a result, today’s episode of “Here everything begins”, a new soap opera successfully launched on the channel since November 2, will not be broadcast. The new “Tomorrow belongs to us”, another daily soap opera of the first channel, is maintained at 7:10 pm To compensate for the delay in broadcasting, TF1 will offer two episodes on Friday after “Here everything begins”, from 6:05 pm The reality documentary “Large families: Life in XXL” will begin a little earlier than usual, at 5:05 pm

The special edition of TF1 will be presented by Gilles Bouleau At the same time, France 2 will also switch to a special edition with Anne-Sophie Lapix Programming which will result in the deletion of the game “Everyone has a say in” this evening and which may, depending on the duration of the press conference, have consequences on the broadcast of “Do not forget the lyrics” The game presented by Nagui has for a few weeks switched to masters mode by pitting the greatest maestros in the history of the game against each other.


News – FR – “Here everything begins”: The TF1 soap opera canceled tonight

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