Tips that also feel like a little squeeze Djamel Belmadi, head of the Algerian national team, spoke about the physical fragility of Youcef Atal The 24-year-old right-back from Nice is known to be subject to many injuries This is what has caused him to miss five Ligue 1 games since the start of the season, not to mention the derby against Monaco (2-1 defeat) which he was unable to play because of a positive Covid-19 test

“We wish him to come back very early”, reacted the coach in remarks transcribed Thursday by DZ Foot, before warning the person concerned

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“His situation may be concerning in the sense that he has suffered quite a few injuries lately.We know he has some form of weakness at certain points It must be resolved This is the work that must be done in the club “, warned Djamel Belmadi, obviously keen that his player adopt new habits.

“I take this moment to send him a messageHe knows he has to have everything on his side to be able to avoid injury There are things to do and arrangements to be made when you’re a professional, “concluded Djamel Belmadi, on the sidelines of the CAN playoff game between Algeria and Zimbabwe.

Youcef Atal was particularly handicapped last season by a meniscus injury to the knee The international with 18 selections was able to play only 13 games in the previous shortened year of Ligue 1

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