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YouTube has recovered from an apparently worldwide outage that prevented videos from being uploaded for about an hour During the service outage, many Verge employees were unable to view the videos, and YouTube confirmed at 7:23 PM ET that Something was happening:

If you are having trouble watching YouTube videos at the moment, you are not alone – our team is aware of the issue and working on it we will follow up here with any updates

The issue appears to affect other services that use the YouTube infrastructure as well, including YouTube TV and movies and TV shows that you buy through Google TV (formerly known as Google Play Movies & TV) We could not download them

Early on in the outage, YouTube itself seemed to load just fine, but the videos themselves consistently show the loading wheel a Verge employee got a video to upload about a minute later starting at around 8:00 PM ET , We saw error screens like these when trying to watch a video:

We’re back – we’re so sorry to interrupt This has been fixed across all & YouTube services, thank you for being patient with us ❤️ https: // tco / 1s0qbxQqc6

It looks like things are back early at 8:30 PM ET, but you might have encountered some quirks at that point. The videos that play on YouTube seemed to be working as usual on the mobile app. A Verge employee has some error messages, but will be cleared with the update YouTube TV worked on the mobile phone of another Verge employee at that point after he forcibly shut down the app

DownDetector showed a really huge number of user reports of issues with YouTube, indicating that the issue was rampant – DownDetector’s chart peaked with over 280000 user reports in less than an hour Several users on Twitter have reported that YouTube is not working for them either, and searches for “YouTube crashes” have increased

November 11 Update, 8:51 PM ET: YouTube appears to be recovering, so we’ve made several changes all the time

YouTube crashes, youtube crashes

News – FI – YouTube crashes worldwide, but now fixed

Source: https://www.theverge.com/2020/11/11/21561764/youtube-down-outage-loading-videos