Seriously, where f *** can you buy a PS5 in Australia? When will more be available? We all asked retailers so you don’t have to

PlayStation 5! It’s the new video game console every video game lover wants, every retailer wants to sell it to you, but can’t since the incredibly chaotic situation in mid-September, where the general public and retailers were shocked by the sudden opportunity to pre-order the console for launch day , It was very difficult to try to secure the console

What we do know is that if you want a console on launch day, November 12th, you’re basically lucky. There was some conflicting information about when a new shipment of consoles might be available for purchase that some retailers said could be They have more to sell in December, while others claim you weren’t so lucky until mid-2021 distant

Ahead of the big day this week, I called dozens of different stores across Australia to try to get an accurate gauge of where the country is with pre-orders on PlayStation 5, and where your best chances of getting a console might be lying

If you haven’t managed to secure your PS5 yet but desperately want one ASAP, read

Update 11/12: Added latest links and times to the various retailer sections below

Update 12/11, 3:10 PM: The menu doesn’t appear when searching, but if you go to this link you’ll be able to add a full-size PS5 console to your cart There is no list available for the digital version yet


3:20 pm: Surprise! Harvey Norman’s orders are now gone too If that wasn’t annoying enough, users have also reported being able to add items to their cart, and proceed to checkout Only after that are they returned to the store listing with an Empty Shopping Cart

3:40 PM: Same as Harvey Norman link direct and allows you to add PS5 to your cart – try logging in while you can, no idea how long it will take

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9:12 am: Aaaand they all went again Jesus was fast No idea when the next drop will be, but make sure you get an automated email notification from the store listing here, or via the link below

People at Australia’s longest running indie video game store have told me that they’ll have more stock this year, and they’ll be available sometime in December

December pre-orders will go live on the Gamesmen website on Thursday November 12 at 10:00 AM EST

11/11 Update: The original version of this story mentioned that a Gamesmen employee told Kotaku Australia how some PS5s will be available for purchase in store as of Friday, 10:00 am The Gamesmen team has since clarified that stock in store has It’s already assigned to customers from the primary waves, and anyone wanting to order a PS5 should do so online and not travel to a store:

The employee then told Kotaku Australia that they would have a small allocation of PS5 units for in-store purchases, and those who missed “Welcome to try your luck in the store” Friday morning This information was provided in good faith, but Daniel Cosomano of the gaming team explained to Kotaku Australia case customization in store Wednesday morning

Cusumano, who continues to run the family-owned indie game store, said over the phone that their in-store stock of the PS5 – which is just 20 consoles – was reserved for Gamesmen customers who missed out on the first and second PS5 Waves and Cusumano added that any customers should They missed pre-registering online from 10:00 am tomorrow as they won’t be able to buy a console in store on Friday

There is no information yet on whether or not all stock is out, but we will continue to check

Update 11/12, 8:30 a.m.: Sony stocks sold out online, as you’d expect, basically instantly you can still receive email notifications on when your next PS5 shipment will arrive via this link, but the next batch won’t be shipped Sony Store consoles through 2021

From freelancers to global corporations, EB Games is probably one of the first places you’ll think to look for when you go with your PS5 game Well, you’re not the only one

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“The following five shipments have been sold out, so if you pre-order now, the delivery is expected in April of next year,” a salesperson told me, “All we have sold out”

No one else wanted to be optimistic: “We won’t have anything to sell until next year sometime but we are not taking any orders because we don’t know when they will come, unfortunately”

A friendly staff member gave me the full summary of the EB pre-order saga “For launch day, Sony gave us a 15-minute notice it’s going live The shipment took about an hour and a half before it was sold. “

“Then we got a vision from Sony on delivery this year, maybe late November, maybe December. This product sold out in about 30 minutes.”

“Then we started depositing $ 50 for whatever we get next year. One day after that, Sony looked at how many requests we had, and it went, ‘Oh my God, please stop pre-orders, because we don’t have a vision of what We’ll get it in terms of volume or schedule, and we don’t want to keep adding people, we want to do it right “

From information I got from a few old managers that with the PS4, there was about 6 months between launching the console and being able to walk down the street to get one so the advice from the EB is to keep an eye on the chances of pre-orders in the store and across Internet until at least the middle of next year once the rush is over in 2020

Update 11/12, 11:00 a.m.: JB Hi-Fi links directly! Try your luck and order one in advance here. There is also a link for the digital version, as both units are scheduled to ship on or around December 8

Update 12:30 p.m.: JB Hi-Fi is not available now too; The original listings have since been removed, and the PS5 category page no longer lists either the full-size PS5 or the PS5 Digital Edition

The site was attacked repeatedly even before the PS5 pre-orders began, as the company posted on Twitter that its website – like many others – had encountered “some technical issues”

Due to PS5 launching pre-order and massive traffic, JB is facing some technical issues Thank you for your patience as we work on these issues and we will provide you with an update once the issues are resolved

The best thing that you can do from this point is to go into the JB Hi-Fi newsletter list for any future updates I would also like to make sure that their official Twitter accounts and Facebook pages are monitored, since JB will also use these channels for major updates (like the ones they posted yesterday Notify everyone when the pre-orders will begin)

JB previously told Kotaku Australia that they would inform customers via their live newsletter about future PS5 drops, “We wouldn’t do it like something overnight.” One manager said, “We’ll give customers at least a week or so”

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The department store will only offer the PS5 for online ordering. Orders will open sometime on launch day, Thursday, November 12

There’s no word on when exactly Big W stocks will be available, but you can keep updating the PS5 list here or the PS5 Digital Edition page

Update 11/12, 1015 am: Big W said they won’t be able to sell any PS5 today “due to unforeseen circumstances”:

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to pre-orders additional PlayStation 5 console to customers on November 12th Please keep your eye on Bigwcom for more information in the coming weeks

Annoying if you want one today, but that means at least one retailer will do again before Christmas This is helpful

Target has no idea, to be honest the only solid information I can get is on their website it says they will have more information about next stock availability after November 12, 2020 I’m not sure the exact timing, but you can Check their landing page here

Here’s the case when buying PlayStation 5 in Australia as of mid-November 2020 is pretty awesome, right? Good luck to anyone looking for a console during the new batch of pre-orders that open on launch day, and for anyone making a trip to The Gamesmen in Penshurst on Friday We hope someone keeps this article updated through 2021 as the situation changes but maybe not. Good luck!

Following Telstra’s footsteps, Vodafone announced that it will start offering digital PS5 and PS5 consoles through their customer care channel starting November 12, 2020

“To initiate the new partnership, Vodafone will offer a limited number of PS5 consoles for sale. Customers with two or more eligible services can purchase a new PS5 console with a benefit-free plan over a period of 12, 24 or 36 months through the Vodafone customer service channel as of November 12 ‘

If you have at least two eligible postpaid mobile, tablet or NBN services with Vodafone, you will be able to order the PS5 / PS5 Digital Edition by calling Vodafone at 1300 728637 the carrier says they will be able to pick up their consoles By making an appointment from your local Vodafone store by December 15th.

I received a confirmation from Amazon that I was successful on the day of the PS5 launch But just today, the day before launch I received an email saying it will be delivered on 15-16 November by Amazon

Either the Sony Store sold out very quickly prior to the time above or they have just updated their pages with the message “Pre-orders for PlayStation 5 in Sony Online and in Sony stores have now expired” just before 8 am and will be sold later today (Maybe 9 AM?)

Awesome Thanks to the retailers for providing advance notice I’m sure there’s already a load of nonsense for nominal resale on eBay as we talk thanks to a bundle I’m getting confused with this whole situation How much inventory are they actually releasing? It doesn’t have to be as fast as

But where I bet there are about 6 million in the United States; 3 million Europeans, 2 million in Japan (the rest of the fumes are distributed all over the world) I love to live in noise My unbearable anger is growing (just kidding It’s very infuriating ATM)

I’d just like to give Sony and Amazon a “damn you” from Washington to start very early in the day without prior notice and give away

Harvey Norman is letting me add one to my cart but now I’m getting an error every time I try to pay This is just me?

Thanks a lot for this article, thank you, I just got one from Vodafone they said will be here on December 12th
I know there will be a happy 12-year-old this Christmas, and let’s be honest, his dad 🙂 start playing!

JB had an error Cannot get one I hate Sony that’s why they know the demand, so why not deliver while people still want it?

JB sold out I think I managed to cut one off They took my money, at least, but there’s no confirmation email yet

That was fine in my cart and kept giving me an error message when trying to calculate delivery etc. Keep updating and the error persisted (even though I logged into my account) then finally said stock unavailable Very annoying

I had the same thing, but after about half an hour of updating (and several false alarms where it allowed me to choose the delivery option, then kicked me out again), I finally got it lucky.

We thank you for opening your page sooner than expected, about 45 minutes. I said it is 11 am, you spoiled everyone pretty well except the speculators without a doubt I can’t wait to see the huge number of these appear on eBay this arvo … * * Sigh *

It’s annoying – at least in the old days the dealers had to line up for hours outside the stores

Just for added effect, they can close these lists if they want to.

Here’s a suggestion – just make selling any item above the recommended online retail price illegal resolved Thank you and we’ll be in the bar

That’d make sense after all I get collectors groups, you can set them up, or advertise them that way, but this shit needs to be beaten It’s so ridiculous in addition to that, it’s you win

No need to even complicate, just use eBay’s built-in rights management system, VeRO anything JB-branded in the list is fair game since they are selling systems as new, I think Sony and Microsoft might kill the listings as well


Are you sure? I had been updating the JB page pretty much since 7 am (10 am EST) and it was only available at 7:59, one minute ahead of my scheduled time

We were checking it before, people were saying it was live before I was before 11

My experience today –
It started with Harvey Norman who had nothing and then suddenly they’re there !! Mukhtar, went out and waited and waited. They could tell me that I couldn’t deliver it due to where I live, but then it wouldn’t let me pick a document store and collect it I sat on the page for more than an hour and a half waiting with no luck

Gamesmen – Even though I live in Victoria I grew up in Sydney and for a long time the only place that had a presence as a toy store was Gamesmen As mentioned above the website was struggling but at 10 am I managed to reach the page And setting a controller but it did not allow me to continue in the exit I waited, waited, waited, and it is a pity not to go

JB – Last dice turn with JB and surprised the site wasn’t down I think one thing that might have caught people’s attention is that the PS5 landing page has a slide with information on the day of the re-release but it wasn’t clear that you had to click on that To go to the console page, click, directly to buy, on a useful page that informs you that you are on the waiting list for payment and not an update, and multiply by details and task completed! I was surprised that 20 minutes after their appearance they still had the option to purchase!

As expected – a horrific experience that had three different registrations and then failed at that point (Harvey’s, Amazon, JB) JB progressed to the point where I entered the credit card details and then the deadline passed

The really annoying thing is that some of them allowed the purchase of two controllers instead of one per customer I wonder if the limitation of that would be different?

Most sites are down or immediately sold out. A bunch of these pre-orders are already showing up on eBay with inflated prices.
This rat race screw I just placed an order for an electric guitar that I was looking forward to instead

I think the most frustrating part about it is that these places push pre-orders in everything to reduce risk when storing items, but secondly we get to items that are actually in high demand they drop no questions, no pre-authorizations, no address Closed / Capture ID to make scalping a bit tricky, pull systems that lock up under the slightest pressure (very predictable), little or no transparency on the wave you’re actually calling, terribly unpredictable schedules even when you get your pre-order, it’s all Systems are so unstable that you don’t know if you have them already.

JB appears to be the only site that has attempted to actually do anything at all to address the high-demand pre-order issues Every other site is content with wasting massive amounts of people’s time just because they know they’ll sell all of their dedicated inventory either way

I know all sounds incredibly salty, but I really don’t mind waiting until next year for whatever console really upsets me how much time people want to waste it

I’m with you too I don’t think anyone is salty for not getting one, but more with how awesome the whole process is

Bingo I was hoping to have one for Christmas for my son and me but hey, that’s not a big deal We waited six months to have a PS4 we can do it for 5 but I’m tired and tired of the way everything is now scalping and robots


I feel bad for my parents trying to get one for Christmas still losing one day but at least with physical lines they can judge the crowd and tell them the chance they took and instead, they have to take half a day off work so that they don’t get One

40 minutes of “Oops, an error occurred” on JB, then an amazing “Out of stock”

Everyone would hate me for saying this, but I knew that the last time the pre-orders came up, they didn’t follow the advertised times so I was sitting in front of my computer for 6 hours waiting for the perfect moment, and amazon turned low and opened early which allowed me Crash

I’m not going to advertise the fact that you are truly a customer And by that I mean everyone is jealous, and wishes they were likewise lucky I don’t blame you – but I think we can all agree that the real elephant-sized retailers in the room are the retailers, who did SFA to make this fairly fair to them, say FU colored heart Nevertheless, I offer congratulations to yourself you should feel good however, I hope that you and your controller are burned in the eternal fire of blood (and you’ll love every minute of it I’m sure 🙂)

And if you’re anxious – I’m kidding Well done seriously, it was a crazy day Once again I am glad that at least some people have been successful

Over 160 new PS5 ads today on gumtree at ridiculous prices We sincerely hope most of these speculators will have to sell them at low prices and take a loss. It would be better to spend this Christmas showing some love for old generic titles or even indie games instead and wait until Prices drop or the market inevitably saturated with stocks

Seriously – I think we need a law to prevent profiting from these things The speculators will evaporate overnight, like cockroaches in the sun

I think there are laws. They are just vague and they are not all imposed although I agree with that, the beneficiaries have gotten out of control since the beginning of this year and this needs to be taken seriously.

You know – it’s been a bad year (let’s just say that) – and while we all understand that there are a lot of limitations (either in terms of stock or access to this stock) I think there has to be some bit of truth to tell about retailers I realize they have very limited inventory – but to be honest, they said almost nothing, and did almost nothing to make it a fair and equitable process when will we go over the buying model in the dark ages as they encourage people to keep spamming their website, which seems to be Causes the most problems – just when a console is not available for sale?

Is this a world first problem? Yes, we live in the first world. These are the things that bother me. Would I be upset if I knew I had no chance until February-March to buy a PS5? Yes But I’d be less nervous if we could all just put our names in the bucket and then either wait for them to appear, or if we could get another source, if we could get them this way what bothers me is the idea that you need to keep trying, like some robots, when 99% of people have a 0% chance of getting something I don’t mind missing out on – I don’t mind dancing at dinner

This idea that we all have to behave like a seagull attack after the only slide has fallen on the beach as a way to do business is just an insulting idea and I personally think retailers need to get a wake-up call to let them know that this is an outdated way of marketing Guerrilla is not acceptable anymore Does anyone else agree?

I agree but you have to remember that the frustration we feel as consumers is being shared across every part of the chain right now as the extreme uncertainty in production and distribution is compounded by the unprecedented demand online

It is clear that changes will have to happen but they will not happen now at the height of the crisis as there is no conceivable way to please everyone or provide clear answers at any time

I jumped online this morning expecting gamers to be the first to open up for sale at 10am EST, because I couldn’t find any information for other retailers to indicate when their sales would start Maybe I didn’t seem serious enough For the past two weeks, I have been looking for information …

I was online between 9:50 EST and 10:50 AM, which is 6:50 AM EST so first of all, [email protected] # $ You’re too much for retailers to do this In unreachable hours with people who are not on the East Coast

The gamers were on hiatus the whole time The 11/11 article probably blew up their website – just put it there
HN will add to cart, but cannot locate store to complete purchase Hopeless
JB didn’t have a ps5 included gg
Listed on BigW but still MIA
Sony AU Store has moved directly from “Not Available” to “Pre-orders are now finished”. Updated every two minutes, don’t you see it is open for sale… gg bots?

Amazon AU was initially appearing as “Not Available” and then at around 10:40 EST, the PS5 was suddenly “available” It took about 30 seconds to complete the purchase The site was fast and responsive

Excellent for Amazon AU, but what happened to notice the availability
Like everyone else, I subscribe to availability notifications and updates when PS5 requests are accepted again I have not received any notifications until today and check my inbox now I still don’t have any
I think retailers are setting a lot of people up for failure under the pretext that they will inform availability and timing that they are claiming to be providing an information service (albeit free) that doesn’t really exist

Also there have been no actual attempts to thwart the bots or speculators on any of the sites so take this as real proof that voluntary countermeasures are a false dream

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