Post Borat star Maria Bacalova said her “heart was racing” during her scene in front of Rudy Giuliani

The Bulgarian actress, who plays Borat Totar Sagdiyev’s daughter in the film, told the New York Times about her experience pretending to be a journalist interviewing Donald Trump’s personal attorney in one of the film’s central scenes

When asked if she had felt physical danger during the shooting, Bacalova recalled the moment Giuliani called the police after realizing that Bacalova might be part of one of Porat’s pranks, in a scene that saw the couple withdraw into a hotel room after a fake interview


The actress said her “heart was racing” during filming and added, “But Sasha was like, You have to be nervous in this situation so use your nerves, turn it on, accept it and it will help you with everything”

After asking for an opinion about what happened in the scene, where many disagreed about whether Giuliani was “inappropriate,” Bacalova said, “I saw everything I saw if I watched the film. This is our message. We want everyone to see the movie and judge for themselves.” / p>

She later added: “Movies like this show the true colors of people. It will show the true Ruddy character. You are responsible for your decisions so, no, don’t feel bad.”

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Maria Bacalova

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