“I can stop it now, it’s over, great event now I’m resetting and cracking I want to hit 2023, without a doubt I want to be part of the World Cup”

Ben Young’s turned to cricket for the mentality required to move him from 100 caps to the 2023 World Cup

The Leicester Half Scrum is the second Englishman to reach three numbers and insist he doesn’t intend to stop there

Before the team announced today the opening match of the Nations Cup with Georgia, he said, “I want to achieve 2023, without a doubt I want to be part of the World Cup.

Youngs says he’s out of reach and reveals his reaction to reaching his century by adopting the psyche of a batsman and taking on a new goalkeeper

He said, “I allowed myself to understand everything and appreciate what happened.” After that I wanted to have a clean slate and imagine that I will start from one again

“This is my first week in camp and I have the opportunity to have one. I have used it like resetting people. They have different ways of doing this and this is the approach that I have taken”

Youngs knows there are reference points in the stars that have remained at the top for a long time after most others have called them takeoff and quotes Roger Federer, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Richard Wigglesworth

But he said, “I don’t yet see myself as a man in his mid-thirties and I’m still trying to figure out ways to stay on top.

“I don’t feel now that this is something that I need to focus on. I am not at that point seeing myself 31 years old as full of enthusiasm and a desire to improve”

“I can stop it now, it’s done, it’s a great milestone” “Now I’m reset and cracking”

So intent on looking forward rather than turning back that Young’s admitted to studying the Scrum halves in England to learn new tricks

Dan Robson, for example, has no doubt that his opponent’s thirst for more matches will not be satisfied anytime soon.

“This, in turn, puts pressure on the men chasing him; we will have to work harder to hunt him down”

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News – Confederation – Ben Young has taken on a new goalkeeper after reaching a century And targeting the 2023 World Cup

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