Met Office weather warning: Lightning storm alert as UK bakes in 35C scorcher- latest maps

Yellow weather warnings have been issued for parts of the UK today as scorching hot temperatures could bring storm spells to Britain. The Met Office said: “Many places staying dry, but isolated thunderstorms may cause some travel disruption.” Lightning strikes could damage buildings with power outages possible, the forecaster warned.

The Met Office added: “Along with some very hot weather today, a few thunderstorms are likely to break out during the late afternoon and evening.

“Unlike many days with thunderstorms over the UK, relatively little in the way of heavy rain is expected.

“However, a few places may be unlucky and catch a heavy downpour, perhaps even with some hail, and as much as 15-20 mm rain could fall in less than an hour, most likely in Eastern England.”

The warning is in place from 4pm today until midnight tonight. You can find all the areas affected in the map below or the list at the bottom of this story.

The UK is expecting to see sunnier skies today after a rather dull start to July.

According to the Met Office, “warm air is being drawn up from the continent and temperatures will reach mid to high 20C for much of the UK on Friday”.

However, the forecaster also warned temperatures could get even hotter towards the latter part of the day, when “a few places in and around London reaching as high as 34C or even 35C”.

Friday could even be the hottest day of the year so far if temperatures nudge 35C (95F) in Greater London.

Even places like Ibiza, Lisbon and Berlin could fall short of the UK high, reaching 33C (91.4F), 30C (86F) and 25C (77F) respectively.

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Andy Page said; “The bulk of England and Wales will have dry, very warm and sunny weather to end the week with Friday likely to be the hottest day of the year so far for the UK. 

“A few thunderstorms are possible later on Friday and then a cold front moves eastwards by Saturday, bringing a downturn in temperatures once again.”

The MeteoGroup forecast added: “Mostly cloudy this evening for Northern Ireland and western fringes of Britain with a few showers.

“Dry, hot and sunny in central and eastern areas but with a chance of isolated thunderstorms. Through the night, cloud and a few showers will spread eastwards across the UK. Gentle south-westerly winds.”

The weather maps show the UK has turned red into 6pm this evening with temperatures creeping higher than 30C.

Maps from Netweather show UK maximum temperatures by 6pm this evening could reach 32C towards the capital.

While charts from Weather outlook suggest London and the surrounding area could see highs of 33C.

And WXCharts reveal just how hot the whole of Britain could get today, with its 3-hour maximum temperature charts – with data taken from Met Desk – shows vast swathes of the country covered in red.

Wales will see temperatures between 23C to 26C, although a little cooler on the western coast at about 21C.

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And in the south west of England, parts of Cornwall, devon, Dorset and Somerset will see a balmy 24C, cooling off towards the coast again.

The Met Office said south-coast destinations such as Devon, Cornwall will stay “fresher”, with temperatures peaking in the mid 20s,.

A red band of extreme heat makes its from London in a north-westerly direction, baking parts of the midlands up towards Birmingham and on to Manchester wutg temperatures of up to 31C.

While in Scotland, the mercury is expected to reach between 20C at the coast and 24C in the mainland.

The scorching temperatures come as the whole of Europe is bathed in a warm spell, with parts of Spain hitting a baking 41.1C by the same time this evening.

But the good weather in the UK is expected to be short-lived and will not extend into the three-day “heatwave territory”,, the MEt Office confirmed.

So far this month, the highest maximum temperature recorded was 28.5C (83.3F) on July 17 at Heathrow Airport.

“We’ve not seen a temperature anywhere above 30 so far or even with a three in it, that is quite unusual for July,” a Met spokesman said.

“In terms of shifting the overall weather stats for the month, it’s not going to do much to the average.”

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News – Met Office weather warning: Lightning storm alert as UK bakes in 35C scorcher- latest maps

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