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Megan Fox gets caught in a shootout between herself and the machine gun Kelly, and she meets him on set a second time.

The newlyweds, who starred together in the Kelly music video for the film “Bloody Valentine,” gave a US interview to the podcast “Give It To Lala … With Randall” on Wednesday. The “Transformers” actress has revealed that she and Kelly will be seen as co-stars in the upcoming film “Midnight in the Switchgrass.”

“Who am I going to do this role for?” He (director Randall Emmett) said, ‘Oh, we got the machine gun Kelly’ and immediately I was like ‘uh-oh’ like Fox. She went to her boyfriend and said, “She thinks something wild (outside) is going to happen to me from that meeting.” I’m deep inside of me – something is coming out of it.”

“His real name is Coulson Baker, and he’s not as confident as his partner.” He was smiling on my trailer step every day and waiting outside for sight. “He has to get out of his car and walk from car to trailer. There are five steps between the car and the trailer. I hope it sits there,” said the 30-year-old rapper.

From the moment he looked into her eyes, Fox knew “something was going to happen to him.” Many call her Solmate, but they prefer the term “double flame.” “The double flame is a soul, it has reached the heights of splitting into two different bodies at the same time,” she says. “So we’re two parts of the same soul, I think. I said right away because I thought right away.” To test their chemistry, they answered questions about their lives during a 30-minute meal.

“I think it’s the second day (illustration). I asked her to come to my trailer for lunch, and I included her through these astrological things.” Said the fox. “I went right away. I knew him before I charted him. He had a piss moon. I can tell from his power.

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