Megan Fox Is Dating Machine Gun Kelly Post Her Split With Brian!

Megan Fox Is Dating Machine Gun Kelly Post Her Split With Brian!: Until a few days back, Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly’s seemed like a ‘quarantine hallucination.’ However, recently, the duo finally made their relationship official!

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Megan and Colson Baker, professionally known as Machine Gun Kelly’s relationship came out to be a surprise post her split with her husband of ten years, Brian Austin Green.

Let’s be real no one could’ve believed that Megan Fox, one of the hottest actresses of the industry to be with a grungy rapper Kelly. However, the duo is supposedly spending quarantine together and have made their relationship official.

However, Kelly and Megan’s relationship doesn’t come off as a surprise as both of them have often spoken about each other. In a recent podcast, Fox and Kelly said that they were more than soulmates. Moreover, Fox knew there was something special when they first met on the sets of their upcoming film Midnight in the Switchgrass.

When Fox found out he was in the film, she knew it meant big things were going to happen in her life. Fox said:

“I could feel some wild shit that was going to happen to me from that meeting, but I wasn’t sure what. I just felt it like, deep in my soul that something was going to come from that.”

“I knew right away that he was what I call twin flame. Instead of a soulmate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we’re actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it right away.”

Meghan and  Brian were on a break since December 2019.  Sources say that in May, when the interviewers asked Brian about Kelly and Megan, Brian said:

“I’ve never met him but Meghan, and I have talked about him. They’re friends at this point, and from what she’s expressed, he’s a really nice, genuine guy, and I trust her judgement.”

However, we feel sad that despite being with each other for the last 15 years, Megan and Brian have finally split up due to irreconcilable differences. However, we are sure that Brian and Megan are happy now that they’ve found other purposes.


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