Live updates as Joe Anderson confirms Princes Park virus spike

Crunch meeting will look at impact of virus on city and plans to contain further outbreaks

We are live this afternoon as Liverpool Mayor Joe Anderson leads a crucial city coronavirus summit.

This is the first time Liverpool’s Health and Well Being Board has met since lockdown restrictions came in and there is a huge amount to discuss.

Starting the meeting, Mayor Joe Anderson has just told the meeting that there has been a spike in cases in Princes Park.

The city has suffered greatly in the past few months, with hundreds of people sadly losing their lives to Covid-19.

We will today hear from health bosses about the impact so far and where the city currently is in its battle against the virus.

There will also be important discussions about how Liverpool can work to avoid future outbreaks, especially as we head towards the dangerous winter months.

Representatives from the city council, NHS and police will all be in attendance for the crunch meeting.

Before lockdown, the board was one of the key bodies enabling formal co-operation in the fight against the pandemic and this is the first time they have formally met since March.

Today’s meeting will also look specifically at how coronavirus has disproportionately Liverpool’s BAME communities and what more can be done to protect specific communities.

There will be a rapid review of the impact on the city so far and a formal discussion of Liverpool’s recovery plans.

We will be keeping you up to date with all the updates and information from this important meeting in Liverpool’s coronavirus fight.

Ok so I’ve just got a bit more information about the Princes Park outbreak of coronavirus.

Whereas other clusters of infections we have seen have been chiefly amongst young people, I’m told this outbreak is affecting all age groups.

As we’ve reported before, Liverpool has one of the worst death rates of any UK city for deaths from Covid-19.

Its the first time the committee has met since lockdown and there is a heck of a lot to discuss and plan.


News – Live updates as Joe Anderson confirms Princes Park virus spike

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