Police have closed and cordoned off Crookes in Sheffield after an as-yet unconfirmed report of a stabbing. Crookes, the main road, in the area of Crookes, Sheffield, has been shut from near to The Ball pub to past the Domino’s according to reports from the scene. Images seen online show at least four police cars and two ambulances inside a police cordon which has been taped across Crookes the street. South Yorkshire Police are yet to confirm details of the incident but it is thought to be a stabbing according to local eyewitnesses. We will have more information as we get it and keep following our live blog below. A local eyewitness reported seeing a stabbing in the main road in Crookes, after a fight in the street left one person ‘staggering’ across the road. The air ambulance then landed in the cemetery nearby Alex Harriman caught the moment the Yorkshire Air Ambulance landed near to the street, after eyewitnesses reported paramedics rushing to the scene with a police escort. It is still not confirmed what happened, but reports of a serious stabbing are widespread in the local area Images from the scene show a huge police cordon down Crookes the road in Crookes, near to Beres. @S10Blade said: “Must’ve been serious, we were on Mulehouse Lane Field when the air ambulance landed. Paramedic jumped out and rushed off in a police car to attend.” “I’m in the Indian Chef – crime scene cordoned off, 4 police cars and an ambulance – a stabbing by Beres apparently”