The Lunar Drive-in in Dandenong is Australia’s largest drive-in theatre. First opened in 1956, it was one of the first 10 drive-in theatres built in Australia. Despite this, the Lunar will be screening its last film in six weeks as costs to operate the drive-in have soared. Land tax has risen to $1000 a day, and is predicted to double in the next few years. Owner David Kilderry, whose family has operated the theatre for the past two decades, said the astronomical costs are not worth it. “Fifteen acres of land … that’s hard to justify when there’s no one here in the daytime and we only operate a few hours each night,” he said. “The drive-in concept is still sound, it will work, but not necessarily in locations that are the Toorak of Australia’s industrial area, which we are here in Dandenong.” Rates and rising food costs are also eating into the Lunar’s profits, with the business set to just break even this year. “We’re particularly sad for our customers and our staff but also some of our long-term suppliers,” Kilderry said. To pay tribute to the cinema’s long history, a series of classic films such as Grease, Dirty Dancing and Austin Powers will be screened alongside the latest blockbusters until the Lunar’s final day on July 9.