Rishi Sunak, rash maniac, ventured on to ITV’s This Morning. Parliament may be a world of cut-throat fakers but it has nothing on this show, which just exterminated Phillip Schofield. Ruthless emotional intelligence, plus an ironed shirt, clean fingernails and spray-on breeziness — that’s what you need for daytime telly. Blair and Cameron were naturals. Boris manspreaded. When Theresa May turned up, Holly Willoughby curtseyed. How would wonkish Rishi fare? Willoughby had the day off, resting after the Schofield regicide like a lioness digesting its kill. The programme was presented instead by Alison Hammond (big-hearted Brummie) and a chap called Craig Doyle (Irish, designer stubble, black shirt). After the opening credits and “coming up today” trailers, which promised informative items on camping urinals, “your