Formula One F1 – Miami Grand Prix – Miami International Autodrome, Miami,
Florida, U.S. – May 7, 2023 Third placed Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso
celebrates on the podium after the race REUTERS/Marco Bello In the current season, beating either Max Verstappen or Sergio Perez seems impossible thanks to the RB19. However, Formula 1 is known for its uncertain and fickle nature. We have seen many times a driver, with a stroke of luck, stand atop the podium because of this uncertain nature. Apart from that, there is also pure class. Combine the two and we get Fernando  Alonso heading into the Monaco GP weekend. Allow us to explain. Despite his advanced age of 41, the Spaniard is not showing signs of slowing down, especially with the AMR23 under him. Alonso, the one-man army, is considered the only driver that can take the fight to Red Bull juggernaut. However, despite his evergreen talent and the prowess of his vehicle, even the Spaniard will need a stroke of luck. As seen on F1’s official Instagram page, he might’ve just gotten this stroke of luck ahead of the race in Monaco. Often considered an annoyance, but in some scenarios, bird droppings are considered lucky. This is exactly what is showcased in the video posted on F1’s official Instagram page. The admin even put the suggestion in with the caption. The caption read, “they say it’s good luck 😉🐦.” Alonso, at the moment, might have not liked getting his shiny black clothes dirty. However, this suggestion from the admin has gotten the fans excited about race win number 33. Not many would get excited if bird droppings fall on them. Neither was Alonso! However, there are always two ways to look at a scenario and the F1 admin’s field of view has gotten the fans excited. The fans showcased this excitement in the comments section of the post. WATCH THIS STORY: Will Fernando Alonso & Aston Martin Be a Top F1 Championship Contender Soon? The simple suggestion of a lucky charm has gotten the fans on their feet and excited about the prospect of Alonso’s much awaited win. Will this common occurrence really put Alonso on the top step in Monaco? We will find out in a couple of days!