Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell told victim not to recruit black girls

Published: 17:02 BST, 31 July 2020 | Updated: 17:15 BST, 31 July 2020

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell told one of their victims that the girls they wanted for sex ‘couldn’t be black’, newly released court documents claim.

The late billionaire pedophile and his alleged madam told Virginia Giuffre they didn’t want black girls for their sex massages, according to a 2011 taped conversation between Giuffre and her lawyers.

A transcript of the three-way phone call was released last night amid a slew of newly-unsealed court documents from Giuffre’s 2015 lawsuit against Maxwell – after a failed ‘eleventh hour’ attempt by the alleged madam to keep the files secret.

The transcript shows Giuffre speaking to her lawyer Brad Edwards and a third attorney Jack Scarola, detailing her allegations of how Maxwell and Epstein had her recruit other girls to pimp out to rich and powerful men.

‘What instructions were you given about what to look for?’ Scarola asked Giuffre in the 2011 conversation. ‘Young, pretty, you know, a fun personality. They couldn’t be black,’ Giuffre replied. ‘If they were any other descent other than white, they had to be exotically beautiful. That was just about it.’

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell told victim Virginia Giuffre that the girls they wanted for sex ‘couldn’t be black’, newly released court documents claim

The trove of court documents were unsealed Thursday and include a transcript of a three-way call between Virginia Roberts and her lawyers 

When asked who gave her those criteria, the alleged former sex slave said ‘They both gave us the instructions, and it wasn’t just me, Jeffrey asked most girls to bring a friend and make extra money.’

Though many of the documents released Thursday night contain claims that have already been reported in the shocking, years-long case, the 2011 transcript has never been published before.

Giuffre described to her attorney Edwards and Scarola, who has been involved in the cases of seven alleged victims of the billionaire pedophile, the disturbing detail of her first sexual encounter with Epstein and Maxwell at his Florida mansion, after the alleged madam recruited her while she worked at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club nearby.

‘I was introduced to Jeffrey, he was laying naked on top of the massage table, and obviously for one, I’m a 15 year old girl and seeing him on the table was weird but, also learning about anatomy and massage, I thought this would be part of it,’ Giuffre claimed in the phone call.

She said that after 40 minutes Epstein rolled over exposing himself, and Maxwell instructed her to take off her Mar-a-Lago uniform.

‘I was there with just my undies on, and she was completely bare, and made some kind of little flake about the underwear that I was wearing,’ Giuffre told the attorneys.

‘I was expected to lick his nipples, instructed on how to do so by J.E. and give him oral sex while he wanted to fondle me, and then at the end, I was told by Ghislaine to get on top and straddle Jeffrey sexually.’

Giuffre told the lawyers that she was pimped out to at least eight of Epstein’s male friends. Though she refused to name them in the 2011 phone call, she famously later claimed they included the Queen’s son Prince Andrew, Next Top Model scout Jean-Luc Brunel, and Epstein’s lawyer, Harvard professor Alan Dershowitz.

Epstein victims who appeared in court last August all appear to be white. Sarah Ransome (right) a South African native who says she was abused by Epstein in her early 20s, and Annie Farmer (left) could get million’s from the late pedophile’s estate

Jennifer Araoz (pictured) says Epstein’s recruiters lured her when she was a teenager by approaching her outside her school

Chauntae Davies is another one of Epstein’s victims, who fits in with Epstein and Maxwell’s  criteria alleged by Virginia Roberts 

Giuffre did however name several celebrities in the phone call who she claimed traveled on Epstein’s private jet, including former president Bill Clinton and vice president Al Gore, models Naomi Campbell and Heidi Klum, Simpsons cartoon creator Matt Groening and the granddaughter of documentarian and explorer Jack Cousteau. 

In the documents, Giuffre made six references to Clinton, claiming he also visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island – an allegation that Clinton has previously denied.

‘You know, I remember asking Jeffrey what’s Bill Clinton doing here kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said well he owes me a favor. He never told me what favors they were. I never knew. I didn’t know if he was serious. It was just a joke,’ she said.

‘He told me a long time ago that everyone owes him favors. They’re all in each other’s pockets.’

She claimed that Maxwell and two ‘young girls’ from New York were also on the island when Clinton visited with Epstein.

When lawyers asked if all of them were staying on the island ‘including Bill Clinton’, Giuffre replied: ‘That’s correct. He had about 4 or 5 different villas on his island separate from the main house and we all stayed in the villas.’ 

Also among the victims is Maria Farmer who alleges that Epstein sexually assaulted her in 1996 at his ranch in Ohio

In the documents, Giuffre made six references to Clinton, claiming he also visited Epstein’s private Caribbean island – an allegation that Clinton has previously denied 

Maxwell’s lawyers have long fought to keep the documents under seal, claiming they could harm the reputations of high-profile people.

The seal was partially lifted by a judge on Thursday following Maxwell’s arrest on sex crimes charges and perjury earlier this month.

A ruling by the US Court of Appeals last year led to the release of over 2,000 previously sealed documents in Giuffre’s defamation lawsuit against Maxwell.

A New York federal judge is now deciding which further documents to release in the case, amid bitter opposition from Maxwell and her legal team.

Following the cache published Thursday night, a 2016 deposition of the British former socialite is also due to be released on Monday – and is believed to contain new, sordid details of the alleged madam’s sex life.

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News – Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell told victim not to recruit black girls

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