NIS America has announced that Digaea 7: Vows of the Virtueless will launch on Nintendo Switch in the West on October 6th, 2023, nearly nine months after the game’s initially release in Japan in January. Accompanying the announcment is a brand new story trailer, laying out the general jist of what you’ll be getting up to in the new title. You’ll be off on an SRPG adventure in the demonic realm of Himonoto, utilising new features like Jumbification, Hell Mode and Item Reincarnation to give you the upper hand, along with over 40 different character classes to choose from. Please note that some external links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click them and make a purchase we may receive a small percentage of the sale. Please read our FTC Disclosure for more information. – Unleash the power of the Seven Founding Weapons and switch into Hell Mode to unlock unique skills and receive an unglodly stat boost! – Item Reincarnation allows players to create wacky item upgrades. The more you reincarnate an item, the more powerful it gets! – Supersize your characters with Jumbility and take your combat power to the next level by knocking out multiple enemies in a single blow. No corner of the stage is safe from your monstrous reach! But watch out, enemies can utilize their Jumbilities too. Will you be grabbing Disgaea 7 when it finally launches in the West? Share your thoughts with a comment below. Nintendo Life’s resident horror fanatic, when he’s not knee-deep in Resident Evil and Silent Hill lore, Ollie likes to dive into a good horror book while nursing a lovely cup of tea. He also enjoys long walks and listens to everything from Motorhead to BB King. I think I’ve kind of outgrown the Disgaea series. But the depth of gameplay is sure to entertain a lot of people. I think it would behoove NIS to do what GameFreak should (but likely won’t) do. Take a few years off and retool their main game. October sounds good enough for a release date. Though I’m getting it on PS4 instead of Switch. @Cashews on the other side of the coin, we got more Pokémon games in the past 2 years, than Disgaea ones in the past 6 (Disgaea 5 came out before the Switch) @DanijoEX probably PS5 or PC here, Disgaea 6 was such a mess on the Switch, my partner got it when the PS5 version came out (was cheaper than PC) and played that. All the other Disgaea games run excellent on the Switch, but 7 seems to use same engine 6 does so I expect same performance on the Switch. I so behind on this series. I should likely drop it but I keep telling myself I will have free time eventually. Disgaea 1 is still my favorite of the series. 5 is definitely 2nd, and the rest are kind of forgettable for me. I’m really glad the series is still going, but I wish each entry pulled me in more than they usually do. If I’m going to start a fresh playthrough, I’d still rather re-play the first game than any other and that is not really ideal for them, lol. Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom Update Now Live (Version 1.1.1), Here Are The Full Patch Notes