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As Covid-19 infections continue to increase exponentially in Gauteng, Premier David Makhura revealed that hospitalisations in the province are high, but that the health system is still coping.

The Gauteng Provincial Corinavirus Command Council led by Makhura delivered their weekly Covid-19 update on Thursday.

Makhura took the opportunity to tell the province that the health system was still coping, as confirmed Covid-19 cases reached 168 369 as of 29 July.

While admission to hospitals had been increasing, there was still available capacity for Covid-19 patients and plans were afoot to increase bed capacity in August, Makhura added.

According to the data as of 29 July, a total of 5 476 Covid-19 patients are currently in hospital in Gauteng – 1889 are in intensive care (ICU) and high care units, while 3 587 have been admitted to general wards.

To date, there are 9 576 hospitals beds available for Covid-19 patients in both public and private hospitals.

The command council document further stated that additional beds are being created in existing hospitals with a total of 1575 beds to be ready by the end of July.

In terms of testing, Gauteng has conducted 990 059 tests as of 29 July, which translates to 34% of the total tests performed in South Africa.

The province also has 17 054 9043 pieces of PPE stock, including body, face, hand and respiratory protective gear. Gauteng has ordered a further 130 064 166 pieces of stock.

As of 29 July, Gauteng had recorded 168 369 confirmed Covid-19 cases, 106 360 recoveries and 1 836 Covid-19 related deaths.

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